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What Will Machine Learning Do With Healthcare In 2020?

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The future of the healthcare industry offers tons of opportunities. As, the industry is growing continuously. Also, it has been observed that the healthcare industry has wholeheartedly accepted the new technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. The industry is always keen to accept and integrate the new tools and techniques that lead to automation. Also, with the help of AI and ML, the healthcare institutes as well as the businesses have experienced better quality of care. And, in the near future, we will expect more use of AI and ML in the year 2020 and afterwards. As it is, the digital healthcare industry is expected to touch the $537 Billion mark by 2025. We will talk about the impact of AI and ML on the healthcare market in this article.

Listed below are a few of the AI and ML use cases:

Personalized Healthcare

We are welcoming a healthcare world that is more inclined towards personalized healthcare and medicines. This new category of healthcare offers more effective treatment. Also, the quality of care will be higher. The healthcare institutes as well as the experts have been managing the health data of the individuals. The data is used for predictive analytics and thus the possible illnesses and diseases could be identified easily. However, the ML and AI based tools that can help in the delivery of personalized care are developed after a thorough study. Therefore, they are able to identify the possible diagnosis and the probability of the risk etc. And, all this information and a lot of other details help to offer enhanced care to the patients. And, in the comings years, personalized medications will become a reality. IBM Watson Oncology is one of the modern AI and ML powered solution that paves way for personalized healthcare.

Transforming the medical imaging

Healthcare industry has been looking for ways to reimagine the medical imaging market. The healthcare experts have been using the ML based approaches to enrich the quality of the mammography outcomes. Therefore, with the help of the new technology the monitoring of the risk of breast cancer will be higher. Also, ML and AI will used to revolutionize the mammography techniques and the tools will be targeted for better quality of the images. The role of ML in the enhancing the screening of breast cancer risk is pretty evident and in 2020, we would see better quality of the imaging tools. Also, in the near future, we may be able to make the most of the modern tools that will be programmed to automatically determine the condition of the breast density with the help of the mammograms.

Better healthcare administration

The latest AI and ML powered tools and solutions have been helping the healthcare industry in multiples ways. Such tools seem to have a huge impact on the coding and billing. Therefore, a lot of new ML and AI based solutions will be developed to ease the process of medical coding. A lot of experts are making the most of AI operations. Recently, a tool has been developed which can be used to read the algorithms which are programmed to analyze the doctors’ notes. The notes can be collected from the patients’ electronic health records. Therefore, the insights can be generated from the data and proper diagnostic could be done. Also, the procedure codes could be identified. Also, in the coming years, we can expect more ML and AI based tools and solutions which will automate the healthcare administrative operations.

Monitor the care seekers digitally, or remotely

Artificial Intelligence is being used to create revolutionary wearable technologies. The new gadgets have been used to help the doctors to successfully monitor the patients and their conditions digitally. With the help of the gadgets, the doctors are able to gather a lot of data related to the patients. The data is further converted into useful insights. And, the main use of the insights is to offer better quality of care to the patients.

Also, there are some AI based tools and solutions which are being used in the hospitals and other healthcare institutes. The tools and solutions are used to analyze the condition of the patients. In the coming time, we can expect more use of the AI and ML based tools and solutions, like the tools to manage important parameters like the mobility, pulse, oxygen respiration and a lot of other vital signs. Basically, all this helps to improve the outcomes. With the help of machine learning tools, the doctors can easily analyze the real time data. Therefore, the tricky changes in data could also be highlighted and the corrective measures can be taken easily.

The impact of AI and ML in the Healthcare app development industry

Healthcare applications have been developed to offer practical solutions to the generic healthcare related issues that the patients and might be facing. The healthcare apps reduce the gap between the doctor and the patient. Also, the apps allow the patients to digitally manage their records. At the same time, the applications have been helping the healthcare professionals to manage their work smartly as well. And, now, technologies like AI and ML have been added in the healthcare apps as well. Thus, the apps are far better. The modern apps are much more dependable and they offer valuable predictions as well. Therefore, the doctors are able to offer high quality care to the patients, as, the doctors can learn from the insights generated by the application.

Both Artificial intelligence and machine learning development solutions will be transforming the world of healthcare. In 2020, we can see the increased use of AI and ML in the healthcare market. As, both of these technologies are turning out to be pretty helpful for the healthcare world.

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