The Future Of Technology Advances In Medicine

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Medical science has evolved over the years owing to the advancement in technology. There has been significant research that goes in developing new techniques to diagnose and eventually cure life-threatening diseases. In the past, people were diagnosed with heart conditions only after they suffered a heart attack. But, in the modern-day, using gene studies, doctors can predict years in advance about the progeny of heart ailments that may run in a family, and preemptively help in avoiding them.

Pre-Emptive Medical Research- the Boon in Modern Medical Science:

Medical research has advanced over the years, owing to the adoption of newer technology into predicting the outcomes of lethal diseases. One can now predict whether the unborn child inside a mother has any dysfunctional organ or a condition so that the doctors can administer preventive drugs in time as a cure. Pre-emptive cures have helped save millions of lives over the years. It helps doctors be prepared in advance in a case of suspected epidemics and thus control the widespread well in advance. The EBOLA virus is known to exist in five different forms. Out of which, scientists have been successfully able to find a cure against one of them. It is still one of the most dangerous viruses known in the modern-day.

Technology in Prosthetics and Artificial Organs:

Injured War heroes, physically handicapped car accident victims, birth defects and many more individuals with special needs, now have hope in terms of advanced prosthetic body parts. Artificial organs are now being programmed to grow in our body, without being rejected by our immune system. Medical science is now being helped by IT, where hospitals are hosting organ availability on the cloud, so that other hospitals in need of an urgent organ, can request for the same. Time is seen as the number one critical factor for organ transplantation and operations as well. Doctors now have the capability of sharing live camera feed of complex procedures so that experts can monitor the activities and assist live. Advanced technology has helped plastic surgeons to graft healthy skin over burnt skins successfully.

Forensic Science:

Solving crimes has always been a tough job for investigators, especially when the killer has left almost no visible evidence to pin charges against them. That is where forensic science comes into aid. With specialized investigation methodologies, crime scene investigators now can resolve difficult cases, and present strong pieces of evidence to put the perpetrators behind bars. The families of 9/11 victims had to wait for almost 7 years until the new technology of DNA sampling was brought into practice, as the existing DNA identification techniques in 2001, couldn’t identify victims from millions of debris buried inside. Serial-killers who were elusive for unsolved murders have been successfully identified using modern forensic science by revisiting cases with the new technology.

Athletes and Technology:

Modern-day athletes team up with doctors and work on methods to study their body functions and improve upon them, which will ultimately lead them to achieve better in their area of sports. Almost all athletes have suffered or are suffering from issues like varicose veins, which affect the performance drastically. That’s where organizations like the vein specialists center come to aid. With an expert team of doctors and specialists, they offer a comprehensive analysis and treatment, and long-term prevention of such conditions, so that patients have the advantage of carefree diagnosis and permanent cure.

Lifestyle Choices and Their Effects:

Our natural bodily functions are drastically affected by our lifestyle. We are engrossed in different technologies around us that we hardly concentrate on eating right and exercising on a regular basis. Advanced medical science with the help of technology, has designed the right diet course for us as per our body mass index, and the metabolic rate, so that we can choose the right things to eat, and not destroy the natural abilities of the body. The average Life expectancy increases when we get our lifestyle optimum to our bodily functions


The advent of technology has increased the chances of detecting, analyzing, preventing and curing life-threatening diseases. Complex surgeries are not possible using Robots and AI. The doctors who traditionally have been relying on medicine, are now opening up a new chapter of infusing technology into medical science so that they can get one step closer to saving lives in time and bring hope to many.

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