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How Technology Is Changing Dentistry In Multiple Ways

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With advances in technology morphing, changing, and appearing on a daily—sometimes even hourly basis—there is no surprise when researching how technology is changing dentistry, too.

Especially since dentistry goes hand-in-hand with your health, you’ll want to have everything at its most up-to-date form to help you clean and maintain your teeth to the fullest.

Technology and Dentistry

We can even consider the time we’re living in now to be a digital revolution. Throughout our daily lives, it’s hard to find one aspect that hasn’t been transformed one way or another by technology. Dentistry is no exception.

From digital x-rays, cameras, invis-align, and even technology-friendly treatments, it’s tough to find a dentist office that isn’t using the most up-to-date technology to help bring the best benefits to their patients.

How Tech is Changing the Industry

Even though dentistry and the care of teeth have been a part of health regimens since even as far back as the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, the industry has come a long way since then—and in this section, the Advanced Dental Group of Hoboken want to show you how.

Digital X-Rays: Even for a routine visit, you’ll most likely be prompted to have x-rays taken of your teeth and mouth to help you best find and establish a treatment plan.

This important part of the routine comprehensive exam has now been completely digitalized—meaning that offices no longer need chemicals and radiation to help form that needed picture. This also helps speed up the process—cutting treatment times to help get patients in and out of their appointments.

Technology Organization: Gone are the days of paper records and even filling out clipboards in the waiting room (slowly). Across the industry, dentistry offices are doing their best to cut down on paper waste and become an eco-friendly business. Using fewer and fewer paper products can help the industry do their part when it comes to keeping the Earth healthy, too.

Cameras: To help your dentist best get the big picture of what’s going on in your mouth (literally), most dentist offices are invoking the use of intra-oral cameras. Directly connected to a dentist’s dental tools, professionals can more easily spot tooth decay, disease, and even oral cancer lesions—at an earlier state, too. This can help treat any issues and catch them before they develop into a bigger problem.

Invisalign: Although it’s been around for quite a while, the technology behind this dentist marvel has become more and more updated and affordable to get it to the masses. These invisible braces make for a great choice in orthodontics when it comes to straightening your teeth and acquiring the benefits of getting straightened teeth.

This type of technology has been more and more prevalent in the industry because of its now affordable price. The invisible braces come in a set of transparent aligners, which are customized to fit your teeth and guide it through a step-by-step process that will eventually give you straight teeth. Although it may take a little while for you to get there, they are worth it in the end!

The best part? They are invisible and removable, which are two very important features that put it ahead of traditional orthodontics treatments, like braces—which are definitely not invisible and cannot be removed unless by an orthodontist (or by accident)!

Implementing Technology into your Dental Practice

You may already see these sorts of technological updates in your dentist office. You may have a dentist office and are considering utilizing this technology in your practice.

Although it may come with a price tag and a learning curve, just know this—these innovations can help not only bring your practice into the year 2020, making work easier for you, they can also help improve your patients’ experience with your office. They are also great for the environment!

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