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The Why And When Of Applying For A Home Care Package

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  • Applying for a home care package is an important step to ensure that you or an elderly loved one are well taken care of in older age. So how do you know when to do it?

Growing old is an inevitable part of human life. There is nothing shameful about it, even though media and entertainment say otherwise as you can read in this article. You can think of this stage of your life as a milestone because not many people in this generation can go over the 70s age bracket. It is already a miracle to reach 60, yet still being able to move around and help with the community. However, there are so many aspects of this stage of life that many people want to do without them.

In this pandemic, the World Health Organization has said that one of the primary demographics that can be affected are the elderly. They are the ones with the weaker immune systems and can quickly get the disease. Based on findings, the virus also spreads rapidly through their body because of its weak immune system. However, even before this happened, many experts already urged senior citizens to stay at home as much as possible.

Aging Is An Unavoidable Reality 

Unfortunately, this does not stop a lot of issues like their general health and wellbeing. There are also other necessities that they might have difficulty in procuring like their food and clothes. However, when you are already 65 and up, you need something or someone to support you. It is why many companies now are offering home care packages to the elderly. It can provide them with much-needed support as they go through the most delicate part of their lives. 

Not all elderly need this kind of service. Many would prefer to live on their own and can take care of themselves. Some can still work as well, especially those in the outback where the sheep and other kinds of work do not necessarily discriminate with your age. However, this is for those who may have difficulty in moving, or they might have a seriously debilitating condition which inhibits them from living their best life.

One of the main aims of the NDIS program is to help the elderly to live in their homes, especially for those who cannot or would not want to live in aged care facilities. With this plan, it tackles the increasing population in those areas and provides them with the incentive that they can stay in their home. It can also be the right way for them to re-learn their independence or help them adjust to this advanced age.

Here’s What You Need to Know

Before choosing a provider, it is essential to register first under My Aged Care. Otherwise, you would need to undergo an assessment first and see if you are eligible. The government will be the one who will decide on what package is suited for your living conditions and situation. You can choose your provider, but they must be registered under the Department of Health. It means that they are eligible to deliver these services and should have the certification to do so. 

Meanwhile, there are tiers to choose from when it comes to home care packages. Each one of them has a specific goal in mind, so you cannot select one on your own. Rest assured that it is the one that fits well into what you need at the current moment. It can change, either by appeal or the current situation whichever comes first. However, it is crucial that the funding that you have fits for the entirety of the program.

One of the main advantages of the NDIS program is flexibility. There are various services that you can claim as long as it is under your tier. You must take a look into your program through and see its coverage.

Meanwhile, it is the provider’s responsibility to check whether the funding is enough for that person to use the services. Having the NDIS does not mean that you do not have any idea on how it works, so you should ask a representative from the Department of Health or a service provider about your concerns. Explore more here:

There might be a lot of complications when you are getting older. However, the government has given its assurance that you can still be provided enough to live even in this stage of life. It is just crucial that you know how to manage it or have someone you trust to order it for you.

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