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The Zen of Healthy Living

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A healthy lifestyle can help you keep and improve your health and well-being. There are many ways to be healthy: get rid of chemical addictions, eat better, exercise more, and manage stress.


How do you get rid of toxic chemicals in your body?

Addictions arise because they help us cope with distress. If you drink or smoke, for example, you feel calmer. The stressors in your life appear less threatening.  Stressors could be anything—poverty, loneliness, illness, or any garden-variety neurosis. Consuming substances that cause a chemical change in your brain and body help you feel in control of an out-of-control life situation.

Unfortunately, not all chemical addictions are obvious. You might believe that misusing prescription drugs is far safer than illicit drugs.  After all, a doctor prescribes them and a pharmacist dispenses them.  Yet, exceeding the duration and dosage of any chemical substance can harm your body. Consequently, you may need supervised prescription drug rehab to flush out toxic chemicals.

Chemical addictions affect your health because they cause toxins that build up in your body over time. Because they harm your organs and tissues, they disrupt your body’s equilibrium and results in illness.

Fortunately, the body can heal itself–if you detoxify, rehydrate, and nourish it. If you have a mild addiction, these are steps that you could take yourself. But if you have a chronic addiction, you may need clinical supervision to help you fight the problem.

  1. Detoxification cleans out unwanted toxins that harm your health.
  2. Rehydration gives your body a way to flush out toxins. You get symptomatic relief from headaches, fatigue, and muscular pain.
  3. Nourishment gives your body the nutrients it needs for cellular repair.


A healthy lifestyle includes diet. While the word diet is often used in association with weight management, it has a far richer meaning. Think of a diet as a better selection of foods.

Choosing the best diet is something you must research. You have many options. Some popular eating plans include the ketogenic diet, vegetarianism, veganism, and raw food diets.

Once you’ve decided on your diet, here are a few tips to stay on track:

  • Prepare your own meals so that you have total control of the ingredients and preparation.
  • Make the best dietary changes based on your physical needs.
  • Simplify your diet so that you can stay consistent.
  • Read the labels of products that you buy so that you can stay true to your established guidelines.
  • Focus on how you feel after you’ve eaten a meal.  Cut out foods that make you feel bloated or tired.
  • Prefer small portions. Don’t overwhelm your body with more food than it knows how to digest.


The body loves movement. A structured way of moving improves your health in many ways. It makes you stronger. It increases your endurance. It enhances your mood. It improves digestion and blood circulation. And it may even lengthen your life.

Before you start an exercise program, it’s a good idea to get a medical checkup. Exercise to improve your health rather than aggravate a medical condition. In some cases, you may not realize that you have a problem. For instance, you may have undiagnosed high blood pressure.

One way to exercise is to choose a sport that builds up your strength and endurance. You could try a team sport, like soccer or racket ball. You could also try an individual sport like swimming, running, or weight-lifting.

Another way to exercise is to choose a specific exercise discipline. Try T’ai chi, a Chinese martial art which uses slow movements. Try Pilates, which are exercises that use resistance bands, weights, and exercise balls. Or try Yoga, which are Indian exercises to tone muscles, increase balance and improve flexibility.

Stress Management

We live in a hectic world and tend to have elevated levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, which may remain high even at the end of the day when you want to unwind. Get a massage if you have aches and pains. Meditate if you can’t stop fretting. Go for long walks if you’re restless. And, of course, get enough sleep every night to have enough energy for the next day.

Pursue a Healthy Lifestyle

Good health is essential. Poor health choices can waste your potential and ruin your chances of living a fulfilling life. Change is possible. Decide to end your addiction, clean up your diet, exercise often, and adopt some stress management techniques.

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