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Using Social Media, Digital Resources and Health 2.0

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 How to Health 2.0 Your Patient Portal

 How to Health 2.0 Your Patient Portal

Using Social Media, Digital Resources and Health 2.0 to your advantage

Time for all of us is precious and is one of those resources like finances that is limited.

Fortunately many changes have occurred which increase efficiency in dealing with healthcare. Many of these improvements are on the patient side as well as the physician side of the equation.

Let’s categorize these


  1. Search engines can be use to identify appropriate insurance policies for you and your family. Many insurance companies now operate a central source for different companies as well as programs that compare rates and coverage limits.

  2. Enrollment applications can and are processed online. Much of your medical history can be entered because the online sites are encrypted and private in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

  3. Insurance notifications and contact confirmation can be sent via email to confirm your application(s)

  4. In addition to receiving ID cards via regular mail, some companies will also send you a copy via email.


Office or Clinic

      1. Online web portals are becoming omni-present. These may include patient education, search engines by doctor location or specialty.

      2. Not infrequently the web portal will contain significant information about physician’s resumes, credentials, hospital staff memberships, office hours, and specialty interest.

      3. Appointment scheduling.

      4. Laboratory, Imaging result reporting online.

      5. It’s not necessary to sit and wait in a reception area with patients who may have infectious illnesses. If you have a cell phone or a smartphone ask your doctor’s office to send you a text message or a ‘tweet’ when they are ready for you. (even a phone call works).

      6. Bill payment online.


1.       Physicians now frequently use eRx a form of electronic transmission of your prescription to pharmacies. This eliminates errors due to illegible prescriptions. However, it is not foolproof and recent studies have shown significant errors still occur. Double check your prescription when you pick them up.. It is important to update your doctor as to where you want your prescription sent to for each visit.Many pharmacies offer automatic refill at no additional charge. Ask your local pharmacy for their requirements. It will save time, your prescription will be ready, you will not forget, and it will reduce effort.


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