A Visit to Dr. Watson

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Here’s Ezra Klein:

Here’s Ezra Klein:

In certain important ways, this will be less pleasant than the status quo. Dr. Watson won’t ask you if you’re scared or assure you that everything will be all right or talk you through the procedure. There’ll be no human touch, unless you want to pay extra for one. But in certain ways, it’ll be better than the status quo. For one thing, there’ll be no waiting times. Dr. Watson can see a lot of patients at once.

Here’s Andrew McAfee:

What’s more, Dr. Watson knows what it knows, and what it doesn’t know. If a case has it stumped — if it doesn’t have high confidence in its own diagnosis — it can call in the humans to take over. No pride or ego will get in the way of its doing so.

The entire McAfee piece is worth reading.


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