What Graduates Of Medical College Should Look For In An Employer

Graduates of medical college have an exciting future ahead of them. Here's what to look for in a potential employer after graduating

January 17, 2020


It is an exciting time for medical students when they finally earn their degree and are ready to start their life in the working world. Maybe you just completed dental school, or your beginning your new career as a physical therapist, regardless of your field of employment, there are some things you should consider when applying for your new job. They finally get to utilize their knowledge and have the ability to achieve their dreams. As great of a moment, this is for graduates, one of the major hurdles that they will have to face is finding a job, or hopefully a career, in a place that suits them and offers personal growth.

Finding the right medical practice on the first try is unusual. It is not unheard of that it will take a few employment rounds before finding the right fit. To minimize the amount of job searching, here are some key factors that graduates in the health and medical fields should pay attention to when looking for an employer. In addition to these tips, you can seek out job placement professionals that are specialists at managing talent acquisition for businesses.

Compensation and Benefits

Excellent compensation and benefits are something that graduates should look at when considering a place of practice. The cost of living is high for everyone. Medical students have bills to pay, which now include student loans. Make sure that the employer offers fair compensation that can pay the bills and make life easier money-wise. Besides, the benefits package should be attractive. Medical graduates should look at what the employer has to offer benefits to see if it covers all areas at a fair price.

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Work-Life Balance

Having a healthy work-life balance is critical for overall happiness and satisfaction. Too much work could lead to employee burnout, which can harm the employee and hinder efficiency within the business. Some ways for graduates to analyze the employer’s work-life balance is to see what kind of hours and expectations they offer. Some employers offer flexible working hours, where employees can work different hours on different days based on their personal life obligations. Many chiropractors for instance, only operate three to four days a week. Work schedules like that are an incentive to graduate medical school and find employment in your industry. Another rising business feature employers are offering is letting their employees work from home, some practices offer mobile pediatric care and online physician visits. Knowing the available options and comparing work-life balance features will be extremely helpful during job searching.

Advancement Opportunities

Career development is something graduates should examine before taking any position. Graduates are generally optimistic about finding an employer that they can grow in overtime. They just got out of medical school and want to impress employers with the skills they have learned. To achieve that, there need to be career advancement options available. Knowing that there is a ladder to climb and a goal to look forward too keeps employees interested and invested in a company. If the position being offered is a dead-end job, it is probably not something worth taking. Nobody wants to be stuck in the same position with no hope of moving up in the business.

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Corporate Culture

The overall culture of the business is something that graduates should consider before taking on a position. Make sure the office environment is excellent for getting work done efficiently and demonstrates proper communication. Other aspects to look at include general office rules such as wardrobe restrictions, how clean the location is, and how well everyone works together. The more positive and open-minded the office culture is better. Healthcare is an absolute must, knowing what kind of coverage you have will help you rest easier at night. Forward-thinking companies are already preparing for the future by investing in precision medicine and big data. The future of healthcare is here, make sure your potential employer offers the right coverage for you and your family.