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What Is More Effective: Fighting Depression Or Denying It?

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In the past years, the number of people who suffer from depression increased more and more, which made depression one of the most common mental disorder. Unfortunately, the young generations are suffering the most from this mental disorder.

We were used to believing that is a shame to go to a psychologist and some people still believe this. But why? All our problems start in the mind/brain as is the brain/subconscious which is in charge to give and receive commands from our body.

Because we feel ashamed to even consider that our mental state might not be as perfect as we believe to be, most of us never paid attention or give importance to our mental state.

Therefore, today, we live in a society in which almost everyone is suffering from a mental health disorder, and more and more people start to understand the importance of mental health care.

Depression is one of the most common mental disorder, and people are either dealing with it or denying it. Denying your problem won?t make your problem disappear eventually – it will only accentuate your problem later, even though it can help in the early stages.

Fighting consciously to overcome your depression, is the most effective way you can deal with depression. Why? Because there are several steps you?re going through when you truly want to overcome your problem and fight your way out.

With no further ado, stick with us and see for yourself why fighting depression is more effective than denying it.

Fighting Your Depression ? Why Is the Most Effective Way

Fighting your depression is a long term process ? it can take weeks or months, depending on your situation, circumstances, and your will power. You can fight your depression in many ways, there?s no right way.

Anyhow, there are some things that are proven to be more effective and helpful than others, of which we?re going to talk about. Before that, keep in mind that when you?re fighting something, you can either use your force or power.

Force, is the fighting fire with fire approach, while power is its opposite. You are always attacked by a force and in order to overcome it, you must use something stronger. To fight a force with another force is just resistance ? like denying ? and your win isn?t guaranteed.

When you?re fighting a force with power, the force that is attacking you won?t stand a chance in the end as no force is stronger than pure power.

1.     Accepting and Understanding

The first rule in overcoming any problem is accepting the fact that you have a problem and understand the roots of your problem. There?s nothing wrong with you ? it?s okay, it?s normal to have problems, we all do.

Problems are only a chance to evolve and whenever you solve a problem you learn a new skill. Therefore, embrace your depression, and search your mind and find out what caused your depression (usually there are more causes) to understand what happened to you.

If you don?t understand your problem you?ll never know how to defeat it. Once you gain understanding, the rest will fall into pieces.

2.     Meditate

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to fight depression and all mental disorders. Our mind can?t be fixed by any drugs, as medicine can?t change one?s mental state. Meditation, on the other hand, has everything to do with our mental state and the way we see and perceive the environment.

Just practice any type of mediation of one week, don?t have any expectation, and see for yourself how great meditation really is.

3.     Healthy Sleep

Most people who are dealing with depression are also dealing with sleep deprivation. Now, sleep deprivation could either be a cause or an effect of your depression, but either way, if you want to defeat your depression you must deal with your sleep deprivation first.

A bad sleep habit can have an extremely negative impact on both your physical and mental health and on your overall mood.

4.     Healthy Meals

Have you ever heard of the phrase ?you are what you eat?? Well, it?s extremely accurate. If your meals are based on junk food and on foods with low nutritional value, there?s no way to feel good in your body. Approaching a nutritious lifestyle is more life-changing than you can ever imagine and it can be even tastier than your junk food.

5.     Exercising

You may wonder what physical exercises have to do with your mental state. Well, when you?re exercising for more than 30 minutes, your body is releasing endorphins ? chemicals responsible for your good mood. Exercising is proved to be more effective in overcoming depression than drug therapy.

6.     Let it out

Depression can be overwhelming sometimes and keeping all that struggle and pressure in yourself for too long can be destructive ? you?ll explode. You have to let it out, to express yourself, to talk with someone that understands your problem.

Just like you ask for assignment help online for school, you should ask a therapist and your parents to help you overcome your depression. You are not alone. You can even express your emotions in a journal, just let it all out.

Understanding Denial

Denial is simply refusing to accept, to admit, and to acknowledge that you have a problem. Denial will never solve a problem, it can only be the first step towards resolving it.

1.     How can Denial Help

Denying ca be helpful, but only for a short time as it can provide extra time to understand and process what is really happening to you. For instance, when you had a traumatic experience, denying that it ever happened for a few days, your subconscious will have time to prepare to deal with that trauma.

2.     How can Denial Harm

Staying too long in denial, will only delay your fight with your problem and make the suffering process even longer. Sometimes, if you?re facing severe depression, denial can make things even worse for you.

Refusing to accept that you have such a severe problem means refusing to ask for help and look of help which will only aggravate your state until the point where you can lose your mind and have suicidal thoughts.

3.     Overcoming Your Denial

You can overcome your denial only by accepting that you have a problem, understanding your problem, and fighting your problem. That?s the only way. Denial is only a delaying of fighting your depression.


Everybody has at least one problem in his life and denying and hiding it isn?t helpful or brave. To admit that you have a problem and to keep fighting it until you are strong enough to overcome it ? that is brave and effective.

Without problems we wouldn?t evolve ? a problem solved is a skill learned. So, don?t mind society?s eye, accept that you have a mental problem and be brave and strong because you can overcome it.

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