What To Know About How mHealth Apps Benefit Heart Patients

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Technology is revolutionizing every diversification at par, so is its advancement in the health sector. Read further to know how mobile app development can reduce the trouble of cardiac sufferers. As per American Heart Association’s report on Heart Disease and stroke stats of 2019, 46% of US citizens are suffering from hypertension. By 2035, the count of such CVD bearers will reach up to to 130 million adults. Now, that’s a huge count!

Moreover, in 2017, Cardiac Arrest was the primary reason for death of people in the US. The count was of 165 per 100,000 population. However, technology can be a bridge to fill the void of unavailability of Health care units in emergencies that leads to the death of the patient. The smart health devices and their integration with mobile applications can enable continuous evaluation of the health. Not only this, but they also enable connectivity between the patient and the user over the long run.  A typical mHealth app must have below listed features in their mobile apps to serve the cardiac sufferers with utter ease.

Wearable Device Connection:

The wearable market is in rage these days. And, when access to mobile devices became very frequent, collecting and checking upon that data is quite fun. As per Statista, wearable devices are expected to hit 1.1 billion in 2022 with the advancement of the telecom technology from 4G to 5G. And wearable technology is benefiting people at large. It’s not the device; rather, it’s the data that values. Wearable devices like the Fitbit bands are capable of evaluating pulse rate, the calorie intake of the day, and even the BP. On connecting your wearable devices with mobile health applications, you can enable sharing that crucial data with your doctor. And, this can surely help them in deciding your medication accordingly.

Medical Reports storage:

While you are traveling between places, you surely won’t carry all of your medical reports. Neither your doctor can take all of the patient’s databases wherever he goes. However, if you want the telemedicine assistance or ever had an emergency to consult with some other doctor while you are traveling, you must have your medical reports. If your mHealth mobile app has all of the necessary medical reports accessible over the cloud, you won’t get into the trouble anyway.

E-assistance from the community: 

Generally, every one of you has a family doctor to whom you contact for everything. In the case, when you are unable to connect with your doctor, there should be another option available. When talking about health, we surely can’t take a risk, so it should connect you with the community of best doctors. With the same thought of e-assistance in case of an emergency, we came up with the mobile application named ECG now that helps patients in sharing their ECG snap with the community of clinicians for better and immediate assistance. Integrating such a feature can be helpful for heart patients.

Telemedicine Services: 

Unlike some other medical problems, cardiac arrest won’t give you hours to reach the doctor. And, that’s why telemedicinal assistance can be beneficial for the patient. Though telemedicine is often preferable for patients living in remote areas, it is bliss for cardiac patients. Telemedicinal services can save patients from on-the-way traffic and is capable of protecting their life with the immediate medical assistance provided over video calls. The telemedicine reduces the chances of the wrong diagnosis, as it enables prescription sharing at the same time.

Link to the medical stores:

Unless the patient is admitted in the hospital, and there is an in-house medical store of that hospital, usually it turns very tough to find medicines. When one medicine is available to your nearby medical store, the others can make travel across the city. In the case of the medical emergency that turns very disastrous. However, if the health care mobile app links to the medical stores, a person of the family can check the store with the availability of all the medicines and can help the patient with prompt assistance.

Easy bill payment:

When you want to take discharge from the hospital in which you are admitted there is a lot of mishaps, firstly because of the crowd and the long queues and secondly, you won’t find the time to check the things for which you are charged. Well, this turns out to be a heavy burden on the pockets of attendees. This can further lead to chaos in the hospital. With bill integration in mobile applications, it is easier to maintain transparency. And, enables customers to make the payment online without any hassle.

Data Security: 

Medical database of the patients is as important as their life and that’s why the mHealth apps must be secured for all the devices through which they can be accessed. When the data is accessible on the cloud, it could be obtained from everywhere, but this enhances the chances that it could also be misused.The mobile health applications can be beneficial for the patients as well as medical care units. The best thing about mHealth apps are, they are quick, saves a lot of time and can rescue the patients in case of an emergency.


mHealth apps are making major positive impacts in the life and health of my heart patients. This is important to keep in mind as mHealth continues to grow.

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