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Why People Suffering from Chronic Pain Should Move to States that Legalized CBD

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California became the first state in the country to legalize medicinal marijuana in 1996. It took years for other states to catch on, but the majority of the country has since legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. As we head into the beginning of 2019, 32 states have officially legalized medical cannabis. However, this means that there are still 18 states that have not done so. Regardless of their position on the issue, the average person doesn’t think extensively about the benefits of medicinal marijuana. Only a small fraction of people rely on it for treatment. However, the people that do need cannabis to treat their ailments can’t afford to take it for granted.

People suffering from chronic pain should consider relocating to states with more liberalized CBD regulations

Years of federal laws prohibiting the use of cannabis have made it difficult to research the effects of the drug. However, now that states have started pushing for greater leniency, the federal government has been reluctant to step in and force academic research on the topic. Preliminary research has been encouraging and shown that CBD treatment appears to be effective for treating pain. A 2017 study published in Ingenta Connect shows that it is good for treating chronic neuropathy pain. Another study indicates that it may have important benefits for patients suffering from inflammation as well. Of course, additional research is needed to corroborate these findings. It is still too early to show with 100% certainty that CBD is an ideal solution for treating chronic pain. Nevertheless, the existing research on the topic indicates that it probably is a great option. Anecdotally, many people have found that it offers more relief than many of the traditional painkillers that they take. This is likely due to the fact that it has an disinhibiting effect as well as properties that dull sensory perceptions. People that are suffering from chronic pain problems should seriously consider using CBD treatment. Unfortunately, this option is not available to them if they live in Texas, Georgia, Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, North Carolina or any of the other states that have still not passed legislation to legalize medicinal marijuana. Here are some reasons that this might be a good idea. You have difficulty using traditional pain killers Pain killers are the standard form of treatment for people suffering from everything from lumbar back issues to bone cancer. Unfortunately, there are many people that can’t use many of these medications. Some people have stomach ulcers and other digestive issues that keep them from being able to tolerate these types of medications. You have trouble getting affordable insurance Health insurance rates have continued to rise in recent years. Earlier this year, Motley Fool published a summary of a report that found the average premium increase for silver plans on the health exchange was 15%. This is only likely to increase, especially since Congress has repealed the individual mandate and deterred younger people from signing up for coverage. If you find that health insurance premiums are too high to get coverage, then you should consider alternative forms of treatment. CBD is not covered by most insurance plans in most states, but it is often much cheaper for people that can’t get insurance. Pain problems are not likely to dissipate Some people are reluctant to use cannabis, because they worry that it is going to make them addicted. This could be a valid concern. However, people that have chronic health problems won’t be as worried about it, because they will need it for long-term treatment anyways.

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