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Wing of Zock to Host Next Health Care Social Media Review

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Wing of Zock will be hosting the next Health Care Social Media Review on April 24!

Wing of Zock will be hosting the next Health Care Social Media Review on April 24! #HCSM Review, curated by Health Works Collective, is intended to showcase posts about the importance of health care social media use to both patients and providers, best practices, guides, resources, case studies, experiences, new techniques and technologies and new social media communities and tools.

To submit posts, please email Sarah Sonies, Wing of Zock Associate Editor, at by Monday, April 22 following the format below:

Email Subject Line: HealthCare SocialMedia Review

Blog Title:

Blog URL:

Post Headline:

Permanent link to post:

Your Name: Name, Username, Nickname, or Pseudonym

Description or brief excerpt:

We look forward to reading your fantastic submissions!

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