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LinkedIn Influencer Mary Pat Whaley

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My guest today on Get Social Health is LinkedIn Influencer Mary Pat Whaley, a writer, and blogger with a focus on helping small, independent healthcare practices remain viable through her business Manage My Practice. Mary is also an excellent case of small world syndrome – she practically lives right around the corner! Today we’ll talk about her business,Manage My Practice, and how she got her start blogging about healthcare practice management. We dive into what kinds of clients independent or solo practices can expect and how such practices engage in social media.

00:00 Introduction
01:37 It’s a small world
LinkedIn Influencer02:15 Manage My Practice
03:17 Early adoption of blogging
04:18 Blog content: Technology and Healthcare
05:22 Tech? Websites or EHR?
06:10 Dr. Bill Kroutz
06:49 What is Manage My Practice?
10:11 Marriage Counselor on the side?
11:03 What kind of healthcare clients?
12:22 What’s it like coming out of Med school?
14:27 Who is the typical client?
16:21 Concierge medicine
19:43 Can a solo doc negotiate?
22:07 Do your services vary based on the medical specialty?
26:42 What is your background, Mary Pat?
29:13 How does an individual engage in social medai?
32:39 Costs for marketing a new practice
35:23 Do you often have practices with ad budgets?
37:11 Words of wisdom for starting a new practice?

Social Media Tip: Tal Givoly of Medivizor – Vet your sources

Mary Pat Whaley on LinkedIn

Mary Pat Whaley on Twitter

Manage My Practice

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