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Health Care Social Media Review


HealthCare SocialMedia Review is the blog carnival for everyone interested in health care social media.  It is a peer-reviewed blog carnival; the host of each edition decides which of the posts submitted for consideration are suitable for inclusion.

Our mission is to serve as a hub for posts from the best and the brightest health care social media writers, thinkers, users and proponents worldwide, to contribute to better understanding and adoption of social media in health care.  This carnival is intended to showcase posts about health care social media use, best practices, guides, resources, case studies, experiences, new techniques and technologies and new social media communities and tools.  We seek to spread the word that the use of social media in health care is becoming unavoidable and is of critical importance to both patients and providers worldwide.

HealthCare SocialMedia Review is published every other Wednesday.  In order to be considered for inclusion, posts published over the prior two weeks may be submitted by 6 pm ET Monday. 

Each edition’s host will publish a “welcome post” the Friday before the Wednesday publication date, announcing the Review and letting readers know what email address to use to submit posts for consideration.  Email submissions should include the following information:

Email Subject Line: HealthCare SocialMedia Review

Blog Title:

Blog URL:

Post Headline:

Permanent link to post:

Your Name: Name, Username, Nickname, or Pseudonym

Description or brief excerpt: 

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Below is a calendar showing the hosts and dates of publication.  Note: the themes suggested are just suggestions.  Please pick any theme you see fit....or no theme at all.  It's up to you!




Hosting Guidelines

HealthCare SocialMedia Review is published at 8am ET every other Wednesday.  In order to be considered for inclusion, posts published over the prior two weeks may be submitted by 6 pm ET Monday. 

Each edition’s host will publish a “welcome post” the Friday before the Wednesday publication date, announcing the Review and letting readers know how to submit posts for consideration, i.e., via a direct email address provided by the host.

The title of each carnival post shall begin with the words: HealthCare Social Media Review and shall include a consecutively-numbered edition number and/or another unique title element (e.g., HealthCare SocialMedia Review #100: The Blood-Borne Pathogen Edition).

The last sentence of each carnival post shall be:  HealthCare SocialMedia Review  has information about the next edition’s host and instructions on how to submit your posts for review in future editions.

Each edition should be published at 8am ET on the due date and should include a dozen or so posts.   In addition to the posts submitted for review, each host is encouraged to source a few posts in keeping with the theme of this carnival, the particular theme, if any, of the host’s edition, and the focus of the host’s blog.  Each host has final editorial control, within the parameters of the carnival.

Please email david AT harlowgroup DOT net with any questions or comments, or to volunteer to host an edition on your blog.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Content Curators or "Sherpas"

We are looking for individuals who can recommend relevant blog posts to hosts based on their knowledge and expertise in healthcare social media.  If you are willing and able to lend a hand as a sherpa, please contact us.

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HealthCare SocialMedia Review Founders

David Harlow



DAVID HARLOW is Principal of The Harlow Group LLC, a health care law and consulting firm based in Boston, MA. His twenty years’ experience in the public and private sectors affords him a unique perspective on legal, policy and business issues facing the health care community. David is adept at assisting clients in developing new paradigms for their business organizations, relationships and processes so as to maximize the realization of organizational goals in a highly regulated environment, in realms ranging from physician-hospital relationships to data privacy and security to facilities development to social media strategies to the avoidance of fraud and abuse. His blog, HealthBlawg, is highly regarded in both the legal and health policy blogging worlds. He is a member of the external Advisory Board of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, and chairs the Public Policy Committee of the Society for Participatory Medicine. He speaks regularly before health care and legal industry groups on business, policy and legal matters. You should follow him on Twitter.

Joan Justice


JOAN JUSTICE previously served as the curator of HealthWorks Collective, a healthcare website that is part of the Social Media Today community.  Joan has both a nursing and graduate business degree and has worked in nursing in hospital clinical environments as well as held upper level management positions in the healthcare industry for most of her adult career.  Joan has traveled extensively and lived abroad for a number of years.  Joan is active in the local community of Charlottesville, Virginia where she has a consulting business and volunteers actively at the Charlottesville Free Clinic and the Charlottesville Business Innovation Council.  She is an avid runner, horseback rider and yoga enthusiast and believes in healthy living and self-management.


Edition #       Date                      Host                                           Link

38                10/08/13               Amelia Burke Garcia            

37                09/25/13               Sam Welch                        

36                09/11/13               Casey Quinlan                    

35                08/28/13               Howard Luks                      

34                08/14/13               Sara Reistad-Long               

33                  07/30/13                Brian McGowan                 

32                  07/17/13                Lee Aase                           

31                  06/19/13                David Williams                 

30                  06/05/13               Alexandra Bornkessel         

29                  05/22/13                Amelia Burke Garcia        

28                  05/08/13                Joan Justice                    

27                  04/24/13                Sarah Sonies                  

26                  04/10/13                Lizzie McQuillan               

25                  03/27/13                 Jay Norris                      

24                  03/13/13                 Dr Bertalan Mesko          

23                  02/27/13                  Sara Reistad-Long         

22                  02/13/13                  Afternoon Napper          

21                   01/16/13                 Alexandra Bornkessel      

20                   01/02/13                 Gregg Masters                

19                   12/19/12                 David Harlow                 

18                   12/05/12                 Jackie Fox                     

17                    11/14/12                Brian McGowan              

16                    10/31/12                 Jay Norris                    

15                    10/17/12                Alexandra Bornkessel    

14                   10/03/12                 Lee Aase                      

13                    9/20/12                  AfternoonNapper            

12                    9/06/12                  Nate Osit                        

11                    8/22/12                  Dan Dunlop                    

10                    8/08/12                 Jamie Rauscher               

9                      7/25/12                 Fard Johnmar                   

8                      7/11/12                 Mark Scrimshire                

7                      6/27/12                  HWC                                

6                      6/13/12                 Nick Dawson                      

5                      5/30/12                  David Williams                   

4                      5/16/12                 AnneMarie Cunningham      

3                      5/02/12                  Greg Matthews                   

2                      4/18/12                  Health Blawg                     

1                      4/4/12                   HealthWorks Collective         

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