Beyond a testament to an organization, that yellow wristband has become a powerful sign of survival, hope and advocacy.

But today, there is a malignant growth that threatens the organization.  Yes, a cancer.  The question is--is it a metastatic?  And what is the prognosis?

It's ugly, but are the two key points.

#1.  Lance Armstrong is a cheat.  Simple as that.  He has orchestrated an elaborate scheme to carry out a fraud on us all.  His Tour de France wins are gone and replaced with a void that will resonate across cycling and sports forever.  His role model status has been destroyed and his value greatly diminished.

#2.  Lance Armstrong is a survivor.  His wins were contrived.  But his cancer was real.  And here lies the other part of the story that can provide the basis for LIVESTONG's survival.  As much of a phony he may be to the athletic world, he still is a patient and cancer survivor.  And that's something that will not change.

LIVESTRONG must survive.  Not for Armstrong, but for others touched by cancer

It's ironic that this powerful and important organization now has a "spot on its lung" or  a "suspicious mole that doesn't heal.  But the issue now is not diagnosis, but treatment.  So, the tough chemotherapy and all the side effects will now be played out. The empathy, the creation of Lance the villain, the tremendous loss of funding and the profound impact to loyal LIVESTRONGIANS will certainly take its toll.  So, the patient has been admitted to the hospital of public opinion and we will just have to wait.

Time will only tell...