There is a common misconception about retirement homes and communities. People think of them as old folks homes, just one last stop on your way out. That may have been the case in the past, but is certainly is not the case anymore! Today’s retirement communities are vibrant places where retirees can live the lifestyle they want and truly enjoy the next stage of their lives. Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits to living in a retirement community.

Neighbors are peers

Retirement neighborhoods and homes generally have minimum age requirements, typically 55 and up. This has two benefits. First, your neighbors are likely to be of a similar age group to yourself and often times have like interests too. This is a great way to meet new people and to make new acquaintances. Maintaining social interactions is important in retirement, so having friends in your neighborhood will help you to be active and involved! Second, retirement communities tend to be quieter, more leisurely neighborhoods because of the age requirements. There aren’t younger people or families, which can sometimes make neighborhoods louder and more active than you may be looking for.

No more home and lawn maintenance

One of the largest benefits to living in a retirement community is that you no longer have to worry about maintaining your yard and home. The majority of retirement communities keep up the grounds and buildings, similar to an apartment complex. Many also offer cleaning services, usually at an added cost. Not having to worry about keeping your home and lawn in order will allow you the freedom to enjoy your retirement and do the things that you want to be doing!

Things to do

Often retirement communities offer a variety of activities and outings for residents throughout each month. This is a great way to try different things, enjoy hobbies or see new places. Most of the time the community will offer all different types of activities so that individuals of all activity levels can find something to interest them. Common activities include BINGO nights, going to the movies, book clubs or shopping excursions. Many of the tips for retirees recommend planning activities and events to give you things to get excited about and look forward to. Participating in the various events and going on the different outings not only does that, but it is an excellent way to stay socially, mentally and physically active!


More and more, retirement communities are offering great amenities to their residents. These neighborhoods are including features such as golf courses, recreation rooms, pools, gyms and more. This gives you the ability to choose a community based on your lifestyle and interests so you can spend your retirement living the life you want to lead. It also cuts out the need for additional memberships and costs if your community already gives you access to those types of facilities.


If you no longer are able, or don’t want to drive, retirement communities generally offer transportation. Some groups schedule regular group transportation to local stores and shopping centers for residents. There are often options for scheduling private transportation as well for things like doctor’s appointments.

Dining facilities

Some retirement communities offer dining halls for their residents. This is nice for those who cannot cook for themselves anymore, or those who just don’t like to cook. Nutrition is an important factor in staying healthy. By eating meals at a community dining facility, you can rest assured that you’re eating nutritious meals and you get interact with others.

All types of accommodations

Resident communities are increasingly being developed and remodeled to accommodate the needs of all types of residents and potential residents. There are usually a variety of housing options for people of all activity and care levels. Many communities will not only have villas or apartments for those who are able to live on their own and care for themselves, they will also have assisted living homes and lodgings for individuals who need to be monitored or who need more help with their care. This is great because if residents should develop a need for more help in the future, then they can easily get the care they need without having to be uprooted and leaving the community they have grown to know and love.


One of the more overlooked benefits to living in a retirement community is the security these neighborhoods typically offer. Many retirement living communities are gated and/or have security guards that monitor the area. This helps to keep out riff raff and keep crime down. In addition to the exterior security, sometimes residences in these neighborhoods are equipped with panic systems. These systems are put in place so you can easily call for help in case you are injured or have some other type of medical emergency.

There have been many changes and developments made to retirement communities all over the US. As people are living longer, they are also staying active for longer. This has created the need for a different kind of retirement living. Gone are the sterile, institutional feeling homes of the past. In their place are accessible, secure, lively communities where you can enjoy your time, hassle-free. Retirement living doesn’t have to be boring and mundane. It should be the start of a whole new chapter of your life, filled with new memories and adventures and finding a retirement community that fits your needs can be the right place to start!