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2011 LTC Costs Met Life

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This survey, conducted in conjunction with LifePlans, Inc., contains daily private-pay rates for private and semi-private rooms in licensed nursing homes, monthly base rates for assisted living communities, hourly rates for home health aides from licensed agencies and agency- provided homemaker companion services, and daily rates for adult day services across the United States.

Nursing Homes

  • National average rates for a private room increased by 4.4%, from $229 daily or $83,585 annually in 2010, to $239 daily or $87,235 annually in 2011.

Assisted Living Communities

Monthly private-pay base rates, which are defined as room and board and typically include at least two meals per day, housekeeping, and some personal care assistance, were obtained for one-bedroom apartments or private rooms with private baths in assisted living communities.

  • National average assisted living base rates increased by 5.6%, from $3,293 monthly or $39,516 annually in 2010, to $3,477 monthly or $41,724 annually in 2011.

Home Care Services

Hourly private-pay rates were obtained for home health aides from licensed agencies and for agency-provided homemaker/ companion services.

  • The 2011 national average private-pay hourly rates for home health aides and homemaker/ companion services remain unchanged from 2010 at $21 and $19 respectively.

Adult Day Services

  • Adult day services national average daily rates increased by 4.5% from $67 in 2010 to $70 in 2011.

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