Mobile App to Find Cheapest Drugs

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First of all though is that you need an Android or Blackberry smartphone and I guess the rest may come in time.  In addition you also can receive some drug interaction image

I am wondering if the program is going to tell you to go to Medco where it is cheaper to get your prescriptions via mail order:)  To use the program you do have to enroll online at the Medco website.  Last year Medco also bought another company that the FDA can outsource with for research related to device and drug approvals. 

Medco Buys Medical Research firm United BioSource for $750 million–Subsidiary Watch

Computerworld – Verizon Wireless and Medco Health Solutions today released a mobile application that guides BlackBerry and Android smartphone users to locations where they can purchase the lowest-cost prescription drugs.

Verizon said the new Medco Pharmacy mobile app can also identify potentially harmful drug interactions based on Medco members’ medication histories.

The Medco Pharmacy mobile app is built on Medco’s My Rx Choices prescription savings and patient safety program, which was launched online in 2006. To use the app, patients must first register at the Medco website. Once registered, their medication histories and drug plans are made available online.

Verizon releases mobile app that finds cheapest meds – Computerworld


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