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How Can You Reduce Workplace Stress In 2016?

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Has the first half of 2016 been hectic, with chaotic deadlines, pressured meetings and demanding workloads? That’s not unusual. Being a CEO means you can be dragged into multiple endeavors at once. And continuing to push may feel like a necessity more than an option. However, the constant pressure can stress your body and mind and even lead to burnout. According to the CEO Health and Wellness survey, 100 percent of Chief Executives suffer from stress ailments. Stress ailments are related to stress and tension, which can cause neurologic, endocrine and physiologic disorders. And if the stress continues for long, the disorders can become permanent. Due to these reasons, you should adopt ways to cut through the chaos and keep stress levels low. The good news is you’re in a unique position to reduce stress while making sure the organization accomplishes its most important goals. Here’s what you should be doing: 1. Have Software Automation In Place Regardless of the nature of your enterprise, there will always be tools that can cut your workload in half, and that too without requiring you to delegate responsibilities. For instance, enterprise meeting solutions will allow you to schedule meetings with external stakeholders without delegating the task to your secretary, who will be already dealing with the task of scheduling meetings within the organization. Likewise, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution will enable you to gain higher levels of organizational efficiency as well as reduce operational costs. Online tools like the SelectHub ERP rankings can be used to compare the top solutions that are available for an organization. An overview of the leading offerings side by side will help you in picking the right software, as you’d be able to see which solution matches your requirements exactly. Some sites even offer a buyer’s guide to reducing the stress of selecting the right ERP solution or another tool. 2. Take Breaks Frequently Consumed by responsibilities, you may unwittingly defer small breaks and even skip lunch to get tasks done. While, in your mind, it may seem like you’re more productive, the reality is you’re just building up stress. You’re also setting yourself up for health problems in the long run. CEOs need to prevent mental meltdowns by making small changes. Having breaks where you have casual conversations with your favorite people (employees, staffers in your neighbor company’s office, etc.) can go a long way in stress management. Watercooler conversations can also decrease stress levels. Also, it’s okay for you to get up from your seat now and then and walk around the office, and even take a walk outside. 3. Keep Clutter At Bay & Environment Clean A disheveled work environment can ruin your mood. Also, things like noise pollution and bare surroundings can increase stress levels in the workplace. That’s why it’s a good idea to make adjustments to noise levels, temperature, lighting and other factors you can control. For instance, you can place some living plants in the corridor to keep the environment clean. Then there’s office clutter – files stacked on tables, boxes stacked against walls, etc. – that can also raise stress levels. Keep the place organized by asking employees to keep their desks clean or buying extra storage. Air fresheners will also be useful in adding fresh smell inside the office as well as making you feel at home. 4. Let Go Of Unrealistic Goals It’s good to have that drive and ambition, but sometimes CEOs fall into the trap of having goals that are unrealistic, which stresses them when they fail each time. According to a study of 200 college students and their reactions towards unachievable goals, it was found that individuals with greater capacity to adjust their aims report more exploration, more career planning, and less distress. There’s no harm in aiming high, but understanding that you can modify your goals can significantly bring down your stress levels. Flexibility is the key to success and health, no matter how small or big the goal Stress levels can be significantly reduced by taking these measures.

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