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5 Surprising Superfoods That Are Good For Your Dental Health

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We eat food not only to satisfy our starving stomach and our craving tastebud but also to give our body the best nourishment it deserves. The food we eat does not only greatly affect the health of our body but also our teeth. Since childhood, we are told by both our parents and the dentists that the best ways to keep our teeth healthy are to visit a dental professional once a year, maintain a healthy diet and follow a good oral hygiene which typically includes regular flossing and brushing.

Aside from eating the right kinds of foods, a healthy diet also includes avoidance of food items that are believed to be bad for the teeth. Minimizing intake or totally avoiding sugary foods like candies, chocolates, and other sweet treats will keep gum disease and tooth decay at bay. Well, that’s what the dentists and our parents used to say. But do you know that there are a few food items that are long been believed to be bad for the teeth but are actually good for your oral health? Yes, you read it right! There are “forbidden” food items that can help you keep your gums and teeth healthier. And some of these foods are as follows:

1. Artificial Sweetener

Artificial sweeteners like Xylitol has long been proven to keep tooth decay at bay. However, not all people are aware of this fact, that’s why I added it to my list. Xylitol has certain compounds that kill the bacterias that cause tooth decay. It also helps balance out the bad and good bacteria ratio in your oral cavity.

2. Chewing Gum

Chewing gums are often classified under the “candies” category and because of that, you need to avoid eating them if you want to have a healthy set of teeth. Well, not anymore. Chewing gums also offer a few health benefits, most especially those sugar-free ones. Chewing a sugar-free ball of gum speeds up and promotes production and flow of saliva which do not only help rinse away the acids and bacteria thriving inside the mouth but also stimulate frequent swallowing. Plus, it’s fresh flavor keeps bad breath away, promoting a cleaner and healthier mouth.

3. Chocolate

Everybody loves chocolate. But because it is said to be the number one enemy of our teeth, we restrict ourselves from consuming even a small portion. Unless you care less about your dental health, you will surely try to resist the temptation of an afternoon chocolate munch. But do you know that not all chocolates are bad for our teeth?

Surprisingly, 70% cacao dark chocolate is a way better than any other kind of chocolate. Thanks to its rich minerals, antioxidants, theobromine, and tannins content, dark chocolate can be able to help stop the bacteria from multiplying and forming a colony inside of your mouth, to minimize sugar deposition, to keep tooth enamel tighter, and to promote fresher breath.

4. Raw Onions

Not all people love the smell and taste of raw onions. But there are a few good reasons why you should consider chewing a few of them. Raw onions are incredibly good for your heart and your teeth, too. Their antibacterial properties and sulphur compounds kill the harmful bacteria in your mouth and prevent gum disease and cavities.

Since eating raw onions alone can be a bit disgusting, you can consume them in any other forms like adding them to your vegetable salad, fresh lumpia, or sandwich or perhaps incorporating a few slices to your smoothies. Just make sure to chew a few sugar-free gums or gargle a mouthwash afterward or else your breath will smell like hell.

5. Eggshells

What? Eggshells? But they’re not even a food item? If you are surprised why I included eggshell in this list, well, that’s quite expected. Just like you, I was also surprised when I first learned about this. And I have a very good reason why I have this item on my list.


Let’s first resolve the most important question in your mind, that is, if eggshells are safe for consumption. If you are concerned about the safety of eating eggshells, well, worry no more as eggshells are not only edible, they are very nutritious as well. Eggshells are rich in nutrients like aluminum, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, sulphur, and essential amino acids like cysteine, methionine, and lysine. Eggshells are composed of 95% calcium. That makes them excellent for both your teeth and bone.

There are many ways to consume eggshells but the most convenient way is when they are in powder form. You simply have to boil them to make sure they are clean enough then grind them using a blender, food grinder, or perhaps through mortar and pestle. For an instant dose of calcium, you can add a pinch or a small teaspoon of powdered eggshell to your smoothie, pizza, juice, or meal. Promise, you’ll not even notice that it’s there. So the next time you cook an egg, make sure not to throw away the shell.

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