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6 Apple Health Apps to Help You Stay Healthy

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In this era, when technology is sky rocketing and disrupting everyday life, healthcare is no exception. With the increase in smartphones, people rely more on mobile apps to track their health. Of course, affording hefty doctor?s fee is not everyone?s piece of cake. Mobile app development has been escalating due to increase in usage of smartphones. With the ever-changing rise in smartphone apps, the technology has further paved the path and developed unique gadgets in order to help people stay healthy. Apple Inc. the innovator and leader in the smartphone industry have developed Health App that works with a number of devices and gadgets. It proves to be a single point of reference for all your accumulated health and fitness data. As most of the people in the United States use Apple, so we thought of compiling a list of Apple Health Apps to opt for. Here are some of the options to look for.

7 Minute Workout

The 7 Minute Workout available on Apple Store is a number one fitness app available in 127 countries. If you are committed to lose weight and shape your body with workouts, this app is surely for you. The app allows the users to follow 12 high-intensity bodyweight exercises with 30 seconds duration per exercise. The free workout plan allows you to accept full body challenge for weight loss and improved fitness. Integrated with voice prompter, you can easily follow workout without looking at a device. You don?t have to worry about what exercises to follow and how to do it when 7 Minute Workout is installed on your Apple.


Top rated fitness tracker for all your walks, runs and rides, Endmondo track allows you to keep track of your activities. You can also see the distance, speed, calories, and duration of your workout. Endmondo also allows you to get audio feedback on pace and distance for every kilometer. The app can be easily synchronized with wearables and apps to track your heart rate, get calorie and nutrition information and connect with Apple?s health app to add workout data to your dashboard.

Daily Burn

Whether you are thinking of losing weight or shape your body, Daily Burn is a fun ap available on Apple Store. The assessment tool integrated into Daily Burn helps you find the best workout for you. Plan your fitness goals and enjoy over 1000 workout videos. The app is easily accessible to various devices including mobile devices, laptop, desktop, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and much more. Moreover, there is new Daily Burn 365 workout, so that you don?t miss any day of the year without exercise.


If you are feeling lethargic and without energy, every day, try Fjuul that allows you to stay active all day round. It keeps track of your daily moves, escorts you towards your fitness goals, generates an activity stream for daily workout and measures movement impact based on intensities. It can be easily integrated with Apple Watch and allows you to see how your physical workout affects your fitness and health level. The real-time guidance will help you stay updated on right intensity to get the right results.

Get Moving

Get Moving is a useful app for health-conscious people to keep track of everything from a number of steps you take to how long you have been inactive. Moreover, it can also track the number of calories burned during the activities. Get Moving can be easily integrated with Health App to increase the accuracy of its calculations. The app is easy to use and helps you check the 7-day stats to see how well you have performed throughout the week.


Trails help you record and display geo coordinates along with detailed statistics including distance, altitude step count, speed and much more. So whether you love hiking, canoeing, jogging, cycling, swimming or any other physical activity, Trail observes real-time statistics on your Apple Watch.


If you are committed to living a healthy lifestyle and stop those junky and lethargic routine, make sure to install these apps. Not only healthy workout will help you to lose weight and stay fit, but also need to keep track of the food you intake and drinks you consume.

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