6 Great Ways to Keep the Crib Safe and Warm for Your Baby

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Does your baby cry whenever you try to make him sleep in the bed? Well, there might be several factors that you ought to ignore when your baby is sleeping in the crib. Keeping your child warm and relaxed while he sleeps is very important. Read on this article for some of the amazing ways to keep the crib of your baby safe and warm.

Crib and nursery of your baby should be safe enough to provide him comfort and warmth whenever he sleeps there.  The surface of the crib, body temperature, and sleeping position are the factors connected with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). In this manner, it is vital to learn about the best techniques like keeping your child warm, to diminish the danger of SIDS for your baby to sleep properly in the crib.

  1. Set the room temperature accordingly

The nursery of your baby should be comfortable and warm enough to sleep properly. For this, you must alter the room temperature of the nursery accordingly.  The ideal recommended temperature of your baby’s nursery is about 20 to 22C. The nursery’s temperature should neither be too hot nor too cold for your baby to feel uncomfortable when he sleeps.

  1. Place your baby’s crib in an ideal position

The place of the crib in the nursery influences how much warmth your child encounters. Remember, the distinctive variables that influence the temperature in his room when you are putting furniture in his nursery. The crib should be placed at some distance from the wide windows, air vents, fans, and warmers so that your baby might not get too cool or too hot wind.

Keep your infant away from windows particularly if there are curtains that may blow in the breeze. These drapes can create a potential strangulation risk for your baby.

  1. Avoid thin layer of clothing

Another reason your baby might be feeling cold is that he is wearing thin layers of clothes. You must never let your baby wear thin clothes, especially in winter when the room’s temperature is low. Half sleeves shirts are a bad idea to let your baby wear when the room temperature is below 14C.

  1. Invest in a well-certified crib

You should invest in a good crib that does not pose any harm or risk to your child. The bars ought not to be too narrow or too wide so that any of the child’s body parts may stall out and there ought to be no dangling objects that may pose choking hazards.

Search for a Children’s Product Certificate (CPC) while buying a crib. As indicated by the new directions, dens sold at stores after 2011 must follow the new government bunk wellbeing standards

The crib you buy should be strong, stable and a smooth surface that supports back sleeping. Your infant can rest in a crib in your room, yet ought not to co-rest in a bed or seat with you or someone else, as this expands your infant’s danger of over-covering and overheating.

  1. Keep firm mattress

Your infant should sleep on a mattress that is not excessively soft. Beddings made of too delicate material have a risk of over covering hazard. Solid bedding supports back sleeping, which diminishes the risks of SIDS. Your baby may think about sleeping on his stomach after he figures out how to move over at six months.

Keep your child warm on his solid sleeping mattress by utilizing a tight, fitted cotton or flannel sheet. The sheet ought not to pack up, as it could cover your infant’s nose and mouth and increase their danger of suffocation.

  1. Preheat the crib

Sometimes due to cold temperature, the baby is not able to find a warm position in his crib. For this, you must preheat the crib before you place the baby in there. The best thing you can do is to keep the temperature warm and place a hot water bottle or an electric blanket in the crib before placing your baby in there. Also, make sure that you should not place the bottle or the electric blanket for too long as it can cause overheating. Babies cannot regulate their body temperature, so it is entirely up to you to watch them carefully to diminish the risks of SIDS.

It is the responsibility of parents to be extremely careful regarding the crib and nursery of the baby. Invest in good quality products (crib, mattresses, and sheets) and always look for Children’s Product Certificate CPC when buying the items. Most importantly always keep a check on your baby while he sleeps.

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