Important CBD And THC Vaping Safety Tips

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  • If you spend time vaping CBD and THC, it's important to vape as safely as possible. Follow these safety tips to help make that happen!

Of the many ways you can consume CBD and THC, vaping is definitely one of the favorites. By using the lungs as a method of delivery, vaping allows for a lot of the same sensations and benefits as smoking different Marijuana strains, while sparing you some of the downsides of smoking.

And yes, there are downsides to smoking marijuana. While the natural herb is obviously much healthier than any cigarettes, bringing any type of smoke into your lungs increases the amount of CO2 in your bloodstream, which has negative effects on your respiratory system, and can be particularly harmful to pregnant women.

Vapors don’t cause that problem, which is one of the reasons why vaping is better than smoking. But there are still some risks associated with vaping which — while not major — are things any vaping beginner should be aware of. Here are some vaping safety tips.

1 – Beware overheating devices

Vaping devices come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s a sizable device modding community out there that is always coming up with new and interesting ideas. That’s all good, of course. But you should be aware of the fact that poorly made vaping devices can cause serious harm if they overhead.

Most vaping devices work by turning electricity into heat, which vaporizes the e-liquid, allowing you to inhale it. Since they rely on electricity, most devices have a battery on them. The problem with that is, although rare, batteries can explode if they overheat.

Now, that doesn’t mean you should panic if your device starts getting warm. It’s perfectly normal for the device to accumulate heat after extended use. If, however, you notice distortions on the battery when you remove them, or you spot distortions on the device itself that may have been caused by heat, it’s probably time to get a new, higher-quality device. Or to change the mods you are using. Again, batteries are more likely to melt and stop working if heated up, but explosions are possible, and they often cause serious burns.

You can also help to prevent this by not using the same device for many hours at a time. If you vaping for long periods, consider keeping two or three devices at hand, so you can rotate them as the heat starts to build up.

2 – Take care of your batteries

Speaking of batteries, there are a few other dangers associated with them. Let’s start with one we already talked about: heat. Yes, your device can overheat, leading to damage and even the explosion of the battery. But the same can be caused by any heat source, so make sure you don’t leave your device or your batteries on the dashboard inside your locked car. Since, if it happens to be a sunny day, the heat may be enough to cause damage.

Another problem is that your traditional lithium batteries do not come with an off switch. Any metallic objects that come in contact with the battery’s contact points can cause sparks, which can start a fire. This includes keys, coins, jewelry, and other batteries. Once again, the odds of this happening are low, but considering the risk, it’s wise to not leave your batteries sliding around freely in your pockets or your purse. Get a plastic container for them.

3 – Get pure chemicals

Sending unknown substances into your lungs is never a good idea, and it can be tough to tell if a liquid or oil is pure just by looking at it. This is why it’s always best to play it safe and only get you e-liquids from stores that test their products and make their test results public, like Cibdol.com does.

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