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6 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Healthcare Practice

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  When we think of technology, AI innovations and smart speakers come to mind. When we think of healthcare, sitting in a doctor’s waiting room is what comes up. We don’t naturally combine the two. However, a number of technological advancements have improved the state of modern day healthcare. Technology has touched just about every sector and industry; medicine is no exception. Some may be wary of integrating technology into the way we practice medicine. But it’s undeniable: technology in healthcare has pushed us forward in terms of cures, caring for individuals, taking the stress out of admin work, and connecting with patients. Whether you are looking to gain an edge in your own practice or understand how technology has improved the state of medicine, here are 6 ways tech has impacted healthcare for the better:

1 – Trusted Blog Content

It’s easy to self-diagnose disorders, injuries, and illnesses based off online content. Sites like WebMD allow visitors to type in symptoms and conclude they have cancer, heart disease, or another worst-case scenario. Medical experts are starting to get more involved in the online medical content and there’s more opportunity than ever before to set the record straight with accurate medical information via blogs. A medical blog within your practice’s website is a great place to get started. In creating blog posts that tackle some of the most common questions or concerns, you can mitigate misinformation and provide answers. Accurate information will solidify your position as an authority in the medical space, boosting your digital presence and reputation.

2 – Automated Reminders

Automated appointment, medication, and prescription refill reminders are wonderful examples of how automated technology can improve the healthcare process. With just a few set-up steps at the beginning, all reminders can be handled in a hands-off approach. This saves time in the office and keeps patients up to date on their medication and appointments.

3 – Wearable Technology Data

Doctors only get the information shared by the patient and any in-office testing results to come to a medical conclusion. With wearable medical technology, doctors can get detailed accurate medical data from each patient. Info like average heart rate and steps per day can provide vital information.

4 – Streamline Admin

With so much information, the administrative aspect of healthcare can take up a large amount of time and energy. Thanks to digitally organized data and operations management platforms (like the one used by New York Road Runners via, this portion can take a backseat to what’s more important – patient experience and care.

5 – Telemedicine

Sometimes transportation and access to good doctors is limited. Other times, the injury or disorder a patient has prevents them from getting to the doctor’s office. Thanks to new telemedicine solutions, patients can see doctors without having to get out of bed. With smartphone apps and web platforms, patients can find an experienced doctor, video chat or message with them, and have their prescription called in all via the internet.

6 – Social Media

Millennials and Gen Z get much of their online information from social media websites. Even following medical professionals is normal. If you want to build stronger connections with your patients online, a social media account is a great place to start. These platforms can be used to share medical statistics, healthcare reminders, tips, and appointment opening notifications.


Even if you are satisfied with the way your medical practice is running, it’s worth a consideration. With just a few updates, your practice can run more smoothly and patients can get higher quality care. From telemedicine and automated reminders to wearable tech and expert blog content, this is the time to upgrade your practice with the help of computers.

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