Actionable Digital Marketing Tips To Grow Your Practice

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Let’s talk about some actionable digital marketing tips to help you grow your practice.

Unlike other businesses, medical practices have relied heavily on word of mouth for a long time. This basically entails the referrals by patients and the common practice of getting listed in the various directories. Of course, these strategies were once very effective means of marketing.

However, with the fast-paced technological advances, marketing is taking a digital turn. And, with more and more people preferring to go online in search of quality products and services. This means that consumers today are now the major drivers of the business world. This trend practically leaves you with no choice but to make good use of digital marketing strategies in order for your medical practice to attract new patients.

Below are five digital marketing tips to attract new patients to your practice and to ensure a long lasting reputation.

Digital Marketing Tips For Medical Practices

Create your own professional website

If you haven’t already done so, you need a professional website. A social media page is no longer enough! Here’s why. Your website reflects the services you offer. In addition, it can become an extension of your service center to allow patients to easily access and engage with your services.

Therefore, ensure it is optimized to accommodate mobile users because most of the users going online in search of healthcare services are bound to use a smartphone or even a tablet.

You also want to make sure that the site is navigable, simple, and easy to use. So, consider incorporating a map that enables patients to easily locate your offices. Or, encourage them to contact you through a simple” tap to call” option.  Each of these is beneficial to your medical practice as they instill a sense of credibility and trust for the new patients who are seeking your services.

Go the social media way

As a digital marketing strategy, you will gain valuable benefits from using social media marketing. You will find that these channels can be the best place to establish your authority in your field. You can do this by sharing useful information on health care and also going the extra mile to answer your users’ questions.

And, this works out perfectly well when you focus on preventive measures rather than treatment because you get to showcase your expertise and concern for patient well-being. So, encourage those social media users to schedule routine prevention checkups to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle.

Encourage Reviews

Grow your presence by catching the attention of those using major search engines to find a doctor. A good patient experience prompts a review. You’ll quickly start to see a chain of referrals that can boost your marketing efforts.

Consider sending out a weekly wellness newsletter

The use of emails to digitally market your medical practice not only helps you retarget your patients but also to win potential patients who’ve shown interest in your services.

Email marketing is by far the most effective way to engage with visitors on your practice website by sending them weekly or even monthly newsletters on the various health tips, reminding them of online appointment scheduling options, sharing information on health fairs you’re attending, as well as any other news you feel should be brought to their attention.

Therefore, encourage them to sign up for the newsletters once they visit your practice’s website. This helps you to grow your patient email list and retain those existing patients.

Invest more in content creation

Content marketing strategy is an effective way to keep your medical practice through top of mind awareness. Numerous patients search for useful health care information every day over the internet.

In fact, every potential patient opting to go online for a healthcare related search is obviously seeking a specific service. Therefore, ensure you regularly create and publish comprehensive content on the treatment procedures you offer. Be sure to share the benefits of your services to your patients.

In fact, you should have a blog page on your website. This is where you mostly focus on benefit-related posts as this is the most effective way to drive lots of traffic to your site and also improve your brand awareness.


Implementing the above digital marketing tips in your practice can greatly enhance your patient traffic. However, offering high-quality healthcare services remains the surest way to retain your patients, attract new ones, and also maintain a durable reputation in the competitive healthcare sector.

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