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Ask Your Patients To Participate Through EMR!

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Electronic Medical Records is a great way to have access to all the medical records of your patients. The best part is, your patients can participate in it too. Instead of you updating the software, you can share the access with your patients and ask them to fill up the form. This information saves both time and money in the long run. With EMR patients don’t have to wait for indefinite period in order to get access to medical information. With the world becoming more and more digital on a daily basis, medical information should be readily available to them.

Furthermore, the advent of email, text messages and social media updates has made it relatively easy to access information. But, when it comes to accessing medical information, it becomes extremely difficult. For example: in order to get a doctor’s appointment, the patient needs to call up the clinic, talk to the nurse and then get an appointment. At times, the patient may be put on hold while the nurse has gone to get the required information. All this is time consuming. But with EMR integration the entire process becomes simple, fast and highly effective. Like any other technology, EMR has its pros and cons. Today, we are going to discuss, why you should ask your patients to participate through EMR?

  • Improve Patient Participation
    One of the major advantages of asking your patients to participate is because it improves patient participation. Engaged patients will be more loyal compared to the other competitors who shows no sign of improving patient relation.
  • Easy Exchange Of Information
    The EMR allows easy exchange of information between your patients and your staff. It is as easy as sending an email. There is no need to be put on hold neither does your staff needs to write down a message. In short, it save time and is extremely convenient.
  • Less Time Taken
    With the EMR in place, the time spent on the phone or the number of visits to the clinic gets reduced saving the patients their time. With this application, patients can fill in their request for an appointment and can check if their appointment is confirmed or not. In the long run, it helps to reduce no-shows from the patient’s side.
  • Happy Patients Means Improved Business
    You will have a bunch of happy patients who can access the device even on the go to stay updated on the latest medical information. This means better revenue for your clinic.
  • Less Work Involved
    When you have given your patients access to the EMR, you are actually helping them avid a lot of drudgery work – liking filling out forms and applications every time they visit your clinic. With the EMR they don’t need to do so. In fact, they can request for medicine refill as the prescription is available online. They don’t need to go down to a pharmacy as well. No more standing in queues, no more problems in deciphering the handwriting in the prescription. Everything gets sorted.

What Do You Get Out Of This Entire Affair?

When you have the EMR as part of your medical practice, you can activate special portal for your patient. This is a great way to let your patients access the required information as per their need without disturbing your work schedule. Yes, you cannot deny that all your patients will not be tech savvy, thereby hampering their access to the application. But, this is very rare and far in between. Statistics show that patients find it liberating when they can access lab reports and other medical information on the go rather than having to wait for the report to be delivered (which can be time consuming.)

Bottom Line

Electronic Medical records help to create a win-win situation for both you and your patients. Both of you are going to benefit extremely for this technology. In today’s competitive world, any technology that promotes time saving and helps in the specific profession should be undoubtedly promoted. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the EMR installed today. Don’t hesitate to ask your patients to become a part of this journey – that is both rewarding and fulfilling.

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