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Resident Physicians Might Not Be Underpaid After All. Here’s Why

Residency is hard. Really hard. In fact, I completely underestimated how hard…

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Zebras and oxpeckers: Why resident physicians and social media need each other

Do you remember learning about mutualistic symbiotic relationships in fifth-grade biology? The…

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Doing More with Off-Label Drug Use

Research and innovation are two lasting pillars of medicine. This is clearly…

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Physicians Agonize About Salary Negotiations

If you get the butterflies at the thought of negotiating with a…

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Beyond Ebola: Doximity and Doctors Without Borders Work to Fight Infectious Disease

Finding physicians with specific clinical expertise to work in conflict zones and…

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Complex Disease Management: What’s Next for mHealth?

Editor’s Note: Doximity Medical Advisory Board member Felasfa Wodajo, MD (@OrthoOnc), is an orthopedic oncologist…

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