Avoid Making These 6 Mistakes When You’re Injured

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  Being injured is never a fun experience, and chances are you?ll want to do everything you can to make yourself better as quickly as possible. Most of the time, an injury can create a temporary change to your lifestyle, but sometimes this injury could also make a permanent change to your lifestyle. It?s important to take care of yourself in order to heal your injury as quickly as possible, and this means avoiding doing the wrong thing. Check out these six mistakes to avoid when you?re injured. Mistake #1: Not taking it seriously. Sometimes you may assume the injury isn?t serious, and this could actually put you in more danger. You always need to see a healthcare professional when you?re injured so you can find out if it is a serious injury that requires treatments, surgeries, or the like. Your healthcare provider will provide you with more insight into the injury and what you should expect, so be sure to always take it seriously until you hear otherwise. Mistake #2: Ignoring your benefits or rights. If you were injured in an accident or at work, there are certain benefits and/or rights that could be awarded to you. If you?re not familiar with these, your injury could be putting you in a financial crisis. ?Many patients often don?t realize that bringing an injury into a legal matter is actually beneficial to get them the benefits they deserve,? says Seaton & Bates, PLLC. ?It?s not about gaining a financial advantage, but instead for providing the necessary care needed to the injured individual.? If your injury happened at work, talk to your human resources department to see if there are benefits in play to help you. If the injury occurred somewhere else, talk to an injury lawyer and see what rights you have. Mistake #3: Ignoring the doctor?s orders. Doctors provide you with treatment instructions to keep your injury from getting worse, and ignoring these instructions will put you in danger. If your doctor tells you to stay off your feet for two weeks because of your injury, then stay off your feet. Trying to walk around or do too much too quickly could make your injury worse, and this will just result in you being off your feet for a longer period of time. Once you receive your treatment instructions from your doctor, follow them. Mistake #4: Attempting To Treat Injuries Yourself As mentioned above, you should always see a professional when you?re injured so you can find out the seriousness of the injury. But even if you find out what?s wrong from a professional, you should never take the treatment side into your own hands. For instance, it?s not your job to create a make-shift cast for a broken bone, and you should never decide which medications to take to deal with pain. Treating yourself could actually make the situation worse or put you in more danger. After all, mixing the wrong medications could lead to severe illness or even death. Mistake #5: Being too proud. Being injured may mean you can?t do the same tasks you used to do, so you may need some help. Do not let an injury make you too proud to ask for help. If you are too proud, you will either try to do too much yourself, or you will just ignore tasks that need to be done. Instead, talk with someone you trust and ask them to help you while you?re healing. Maybe this means asking someone to do your grocery shopping, to pick up your mail, to watch your kids, or even to come let your dog out. Letting people help you will let you focus more on getting yourself better and less on the other tasks. Mistake #6: Feeling sorry for yourself. It?s easy to feel down about being injured, especially if it means you need to make changes to your lifestyle. But feeling sorry for yourself will make it harder for you to get better. That?s because this mentality will make it hard for you to motivate yourself to get better. In addition, these sad feelings could also make you turn to other bad habits to make you feel better, such as eating poorly or drinking heavily. Instead of letting your injury turn into a worse situation, keep your spirits up to make a speedy recovery. Final Thoughts Being injured is not a fun experience, and you?ll want to get better as soon as you can. Avoiding these mistakes can make that happen.

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