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Bloggers and Social Media Risk

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I’m in Orlando this week for HIMSS and presenting later today at the Social Media Center on managing risks. My slides were submitted in advance, but I do want to reference a really great conversation related to ethics and risks that has been occurring on Medpedia over the last week (and include the link here.) The question raised in this conversation relates to medical and nursing students posting pictures of patients and/or their body parts on Facebook or other social media sites. The examples provided were “in fun”, but the question presented is also exploring where to draw the line. Several doctors have already shared their views, so it is really worth the read if you are interested in the subject of social media and risks. On Wednesday, I join the Meet the Bloggers panel to share my thoughts and considerations about blogging and the blogosphere. It looks like meaningful use will be the big topic of discussion and I look forward to catching up with some of my old RHIO/HIE friends. I’m also looking forward to seeing how telehealth is presented and viewed by the attendees. If you are here this week, come by one of my sessions and say “hello”.

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