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Top 4 Branding Ideas For Yoga Teachers

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With an ever- increasing no. of yoga lovers around the globe, yoga industry is certainly enjoying the boom. If you are a yoga expert and interested in building a sustainable yoga teaching career then this blog is for you. I am sharing in this blog top branding ideas for yoga teachers that can help them in gaining instant visibility and recognition.

1. Website/Blog

In the present digital age website is the face of your business. As a yoga teacher, to inspire trust and credibility you need a solid website that showcases your yoga abilities. Your website must contain your bio, a professional yoga logo, your journey as a yoga professional, best yoga Asanas with pictures, educate people about yoga, your achievements, details about future workshops or events if any, details about your yoga classes and your contact information. You can start blog on your site and start blogging regularly to rank better in search engines. It also helps you in branding your yoga business or yoga classes online. Cover a broad range of topics pertaining to yoga in your blogs such as benefits of practicing yoga or meditation, yoga tips, healing, nutrition and more, it gives you an opportunity to voice your opinion, share your knowledge while making you appear as an expert. To get more engagement from your content, pick topics that are of great interest to your target audience.

Pro tip:

Pictures are powerful than text. So, invest in a professional photo shoot to get some awesome shots in some great yoga positions and use these pictures on your website, social media platform, brochures or any other marketing material. This is a great way to inspire your target audience and encourage them to join your yoga classes.

2. Tie -Ups-

New yoga teachers may have a hard time to get a good response right away. The other branding idea that can give you a good start is tie-ups. You can tie up with popular gyms of your region, local schools, and colleges, local clubs, or offices for conducting a yoga workshop in their premises. Depending upon who your target audience is, you can take a pick for tie ups. You can conduct a free workshop or short yoga session to encourage participation and later pitch your private yoga classes. Don’t forget to note down their contact details and email Ids and start building your email list for future reference.

Pro Tip:

You need to market and advertise. So, by end of session, don’t forget to distribute your business card, or flyers among the participants mentioning your details including website,social handles and contact information to connect with your audience in a better way. It works out great as some people may not join your yoga classes immediately but once they start following you on your social handles or start reading your blog, they realize the value your yoga classes can provide and can very soon approach you.

3. Social Media Presence

Social credibility is absolutely essential to promote your classes and gain visibility among your audience. With the growing no. of social media channels, it can be overwhelming for you to be actively involved on each channel. Keeping your target audience in mind, research on which social media platform they spend most of their time and get started. Keep sharing interesting posts in the form of pictures, info graphics, blogs, yoga tips, graphic design, on your Facebook Page regularly. You can also share testimonials of your happy clients. Yoga has a visual appeal, so you can also use Pinterest and Instagram to full advantage, by posting pictures of various yoga poses and exercises. For better engagement, the focus of your social media post should be educating the audience rather than self-promotion. Contest and quizzes are a hit with the people, come up with a fresh idea and you never know it may get viral.

Pro Tip:

Videos are a new rage on social media and more engaging than plain images. How about starting your YouTube channel and posting your own yoga videos (10 minute, 30 minute sequence) that people can follow. It can give you instant recognition and help you in personal branding.

4. Get on board with Trends

Yoga is an ever-evolving practice and when you are in such a dynamic field, it is very important to keep up with the latest industry trends. Recently, acrobatic yoga or better known as partner yoga trend has become popular that allows couples to achieve fitness goals while spending time together. Another trend that is catching fire is yoga therapy and is a great way of managing stress and pain. Additionally, Aqua yoga is also trending and is becoming a favorite of modern yogis. To get ahead in the competitive market, offering yoga classes as per the industry trends is a good idea.

Pro Tip:

Recently beer yoga is gaining immense popularity that allows practitioners to combine traditional yoga poses while drinking bottles of beer. How about tie up with a local brewery for a fun yoga session every weekend. This unique trend is here to stay, so why not make the most of it.

Last Thoughts-

With the availability of so many yoga professionals, you need to market yourself well to make a profitable yoga teaching career. Use listed branding ideas and I am sure you will get a great start. Keep calm and do yoga!

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