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Cleveland Clinic Offering Global Care Air Rescue and Evacuation Services Program For an Annual Fee

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This is yet one more service I have not seen yet and perhaps Cleveland Clinic is the first to offer. If one were traveling a lot, especially out of the country this could be something to look at. If you are in the US they will still come and get you or make sure you are receiving care recommended by the Cleveland Clinic, in other words in alignment with their patient care. You need to be more than 150 miles from home and too sick to travel on commercial airlines. You can be as sick as a dog as that part doesn’t start until you are at the hospital with health insurance, so the cause here is to get you there. According to this article the jets are prepared with all types of standard emergency equipment and you can be taken to the facility of your choice versus the closest facility as most travel plans offer. 37 states are covered along with 15 other countries and 2 territories. 24/7 service is available and translation services are included. BD

CLEVELAND, Feb. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Cleveland Clinic has launched the Global Care Air Rescue and Evacuation (CARE) program, which provides paid program members immediate access to Cleveland Clinic’s comprehensive critical care program if they are faced with a medical emergency while traveling more than 150 miles from their home. Global CARE members will receive access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to specialized care by Cleveland Clinic physicians, nurse practitioners and critical care nurses through uninterrupted service via a diverse fleet of vehicles including ground ambulance, helicopter, and fixed-winged jets. The jets are outfitted to provide comprehensive intensive care during national and international transports.

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