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4 Little Known Health Concerns Facing the Elderly

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We all know the elderly have a range of health concerns but only the most dramatic ones get publicity. Read here for four elderly medical issues you missed.

The United States population is aging rapidly. As it stands now, seniors make up 13% of the country’s citizens. That number is set to grow all the way to 20% by 2060.

As we, and the people around us, age, it’s important to be aware of not only the obvious health complications that could occur in seniors like cancer or heart disease but also a few not so obvious threats.

Our team has compiled a list of the 4 most serious health concerns for seniors most people don’t talk about.

It’s our hope that by sharing them with you, you will be able to have more productive conversations with your doctor and/or be able to spot potential health complications in loved ones.

1. Obesity

Most people don’t link being overweight to seniors, given the fact that many have difficulty putting on weight. Unfortunately, obesity is among the most serious health concerns in older populations, however.

Of people between 65 and 77, roughly 35% of men and 40% of women are considered medically obese.

This is typically caused by slowing metabolisms and a lack of physical activity.

2. Oral Health

Healthy teeth and gums do more than just give people a good looking smile. They prevent bacteria from entering one’s bloodstream through the oral cavity which can cause blood infections, heart problems, and more.

As you get older, your mouth becomes more prone to cavities and infection. This proneness coupled with most senior’s irregular dental visits can be a recipe for rapidly declining overall health.

3. Depression

People find confidence and security in their lives as they get older. This trend of wholeness, though, begins to reverse as elderly people find themselves unable to partake in activities that used to bring them joy due to new physical limitations.

That reality often leads to depression.

Almost 1 million people die of depression-related suicides and even more from other health complications stemming from depression on an annual basis.

If you’re noticing that you or an elderly loved one is exhibiting signs of depression, seek help from a specialist or consider moving yourself to a supportive living community. You can click here to learn more.

4. Substance Abuse

Addiction is among the top health concerns for people over the age of 65. This is often brought on by an increased reliance on medications and growing depression towards the end of one’s life.

Addiction to alcohol or tobacco are the top substances affecting the senior population. Problems don’t stop there however as dependence on prescribed medications is also a serious threat.

Be sure to meet with your doctor if you’re developing dependency issues and be wary of addiction in your loved ones.

Wrapping Up Top Health Concerns for Seniors

Senior citizens are commonly associated with health concerns like arthritis, heart disease, and other common conditions. Unfortunately, those health issues are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential threats.

Always be wary of non-widely advertised health issues in both yourself and your loved ones including those we’ve mentioned in this article.

Being proactive in identifying health issues and treating them can prevent potentially fatal consequences.

For more of the best health and lifestyle advice you can find online, read more of our content on HeathWorksCollective today!

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