Direct Pay and Concierge Medical Practice

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Many physicians as they continue to practice medicine in an increasingly hostile environment attempt to remove aspects of their business which increase work loads at diminishing yields. I use a term coined by T. Boone Pickens (the Oil Entrepreneur who now favors recyclable energy sources, such as wind, and solar power)

He coined the term “PEAK OIL” which defines the point at which it takes more energy to find, drill, and extract oil than the energy yield from the oil.

Health care and medical care has also reached “PEAK HEALTH”

Increased administrative costs are bleeding our health system, not just for Medicare and Medicaid but private insurance and private practices.

Some physicians eliminate much of the insurance bureaucracy by refusing to accept insurance companies. They accept only direct pay…via cash, credit cards, checks or barter.  By refusing to accept Medicare/medical/ and insurers many regulatory requirements no longer apply

In addition to direct pay many communities will have access to a cooperative payment method based on direct pay and administered and controlled by your local community.

MedAccess USA will provide such a structure. It is currently in development with a planned roll out in January 2014.

How would a Direct Care Practice Work For You?

The Direct Care Consulting Calculator

will analyze the results for your practice if you convert a portion or your entire practice to direct pay.

Instructions:Follow the three simple steps.

  • Step One is about your current practice
  • Step Two is about how many Direct Care Patients YOU want in your practice
  • Step Three is to calculate the Revenue Numbers

    Some Physicians choose to enhance their annual revenue by adding a per visit fee or a per minute fee for patient visits. Contact us Today! To learn how you can price your practice!

  • MedAccess is recruiting providers interested in enrolling in the cooperative. There is no obligation. Contact MedAccess at  Also please support our effort to develop a CMS direct pay model by contacting your Congressman and ask  them to support Congressman Alan Grayson’s letter to CMS innovation program on Direct Pay and MedAccess.


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