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Easy Ways To Bring A Ray Of Hope In The Lives Of Handicapped People

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  • You can improve the lives of handicapped people and loved ones. Here's how to bring some hope, joy, and empowerment

Disabilities can cripple our expectations from life and leave us in the dark, reminiscing over times when we could enjoy living it to the fullest. People dealing with these physical limitations due to a disease or a health problem, or maybe an accident, often feel that their lives aren’t complete anymore. It puts them in a state of depression and might even induce suicidal tendencies in them. That means that the extent of damage from it can be life-threatening. Fortunately, science and technology acknowledge this provocation in the life of a common man. That is why it has come up with several alternatives for people with disabilities. Gadgets and devices are no substitute for organs and senses, but they can still help to get you close to experiencing a regular life. The range and functionality of these devices give people trying to adjust with a handicap a ray of hope, a second chance at living in some simple ways. You can use them to overcome blindness, amputations, respiratory issues, hearing impairments, and other similar other disabilities. And because the idea is to separate the handicap from their life, all of them are easy to use without another person’s assistance. So by considering their use, you can restore your independence and dignity. Some options are here that you have as a disabled person, which might help improve quality of life for you. Try to look into these and explore your possibilities to revitalize your life instead of giving up.

  1. Mobility Scooters & Chairs

Losing your mobility is the most common problem to encounter with age, time, and other environmental and health factors. It is also the most pressing concern because people used to moving around independently, and being social get chained down by their disability. It upsets the balance of life, both professionally and personally, and might impose a mental trauma. However, with the use of the latest heavy-duty mobility scooters, you can change this situation. They are easy to ride, have several features, and you can use them on sidewalks to get anywhere you want. So social gatherings, physical activities, and even taking care of your health is not a problem.

  1. DEKA Bionic Arm

The revolutionizing development in prosthetics with the introduction of the DEKA bionic arm, as part of the DARPA funded project, is also a medical breakthrough for the disabled. This set gets the electric pulses and signals from the skin, translates them into information, and performs a movement of the prosthetic. It comes with a set of predefined motions and grips for the ease of the user, and different pieces of the prosthetic can do individual tasks. The adaptation of this solution isn’t large scale because of the intricacies, but the results are promising enough to compel people to consider it. If it becomes a part of the picture, the handicap can get a ray of hope and be as close to leading a regular life without a limb as possible.

  1. Eye-Controlled Computer

Working with computers is part of our professional and personal lives now. But unfortunately, people who went through amputations can’t keep up with this at the workplace. Luckily for them, the early attempts of a lady gave the world the Lucy keyboard. Using that, people could operate systems with a laser-pointer attached to their glasses with ease. Connecting it to the computers can allow the user to interact and fulfill any tasks. ATI enhanced this technology and now use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices to help disabled people gain greater control over their actions. Their gaze interaction method allows proficient use of computers with the eye-movement, enabling every disabled person to function them. Using them is another easy solution for the handicap to feel connected with the world.

  1. Text to Braille Converter

The real-time text-to-braille converter invented by six MIT undergrad females, going by the name of Tactile, is another ray of hope for the handicap. The device uses a camera to read the text, translates it into data, and then generates a signal to move a combination of six to eight boxes to form the braille letters. It takes the text right off the pages, and people coping with blindness can use it for educational or professional purposes. And because it’s rechargeable and portable, they don’t have to worry about carrying it. It can fit right into your pockets. That is why it’s a revolutionizing piece of tech for the disabled people.

  1. Kenguru Electric Cars

Covering small distances is possible with the use of mobility scooters and wheelchairs for the disabled, but aiming to commute independently to and from work, or any other such places, requires a faster set of wheels. Fortunately, electrically-powered Kenguru cars are perfect for wheelchair users to get across the city. They are compact hatchbacks with a rear entry door and room for the driver and their chair. So the users can slide right into position without needing to get out of their chair and get set to drive. The driving panels have motorcycle handlebars that are easy to operate, and the cars can go up to 28mph, which makes them safer. The thick fiberglass cocoon also ensures the safety of the driver. These electric cars are also a tremendous leap in helping the impaired overcome their challenges and gain greater mobility. And by doing so, offering them a new chance at life.


These are some easy ways and methods to bring a ray of hope and add meaning to the lives of the handicap. In time, technology and science will further refine these aspects and make them more suitable. But for now, they are the best bet for the disabled people to fight back in their situation and regain control of their lives.

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