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Health Benefits Of Cycling: 3 Reasons To Go For A Bike Ride

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  • If you're looking for a workout that does more than just raise your heartrate, cycling is worth considering. The health benefits of cycling include fitness benefits AND emotional benefits.

Is bike riding your transportation mode? Or maybe, a competitive endeavor?

Whether you’re doing it for fun or trying to achieve fitness, there’s always a benefit to reap. 

Cycling is one of the best low-impact workouts. It is ideal for nearly all levels and accommodates all age groups. Besides keeping you active, bike riding guarantees you a healthy and peaceful lifestyle.

In this article, we shall discuss the three main health benefits of bike riding. Read along!

3 Reasons to Go for a Bike Ride

1. Boosts Your Mental Health

According to British Medical Journal, active cycling eases feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. People with active lifestyles have a higher well-being score than those without.

Cycling strikes an excellent balance between exploring the views of nature and physical exercise. It helps you focus on the roads thus taking you off any mental chatter. This develops your awareness and the concentration of that present moment.

So, it’s quite practical;

If you’re feeling listless or lethargic, go for a 10-min bike ride. By exercising, your body releases endorphins that lower your stress levels. This breaks the monotony of the everyday schedule and calms down the nervous system.

Cycling regularly also makes you feel content and confident. In the long run, it boosts your mood in various ways. The endorphins and adrenaline release will give you increased confidence.

2. Weight Management

Do you know the equation of weight loss? “Calories out should be greater than calories in.” This means that the calories you burn should be more than what you’re consuming.

Research studies from Harvard University claim that cycling at an average speed of 12 – 13.9 miles\hour makes a 155-pound man/woman shred 298 calories in half an hour. Of course, burning the calories is dependent on many different factors.

For instance, the amount of calories you’ll shred will depend on your cycling intensity. Other factors include the time you’ll spend cycling and your refueling frequency.

So, if you enjoy bike riding, you’re likely to burn lots of calories. Backing this up with a healthy and balanced diet will do the trick! It is the simplest yet most effective way to make your weight loss journey fun.

Cycle habitually and at high intensity. This way, you’ll promote excellent weight management by lowering your fat levels. Additionally, you’ll nurture a healthy build muscle and metabolism, even when at rest. 

3. Leg Strength

The most resistance element in bike riding is that it burns fat and builds your muscles. Cycling significantly improves the overall functionality of the lower body.

Unlike most aerobic exercises, it strengthens the leg muscles with no exposure to too much stress. It targets the glutes, quads, calves, and hamstrings.

If you’re working towards making your legs stronger, carry out some weight lifting exercises before you cycle. These include leg presses, lunges, and squats that are aimed at improving your bike riding performance.

Generally, muscles are leaner than fats. That is why people who possess a high muscle percentage are likely to burn plenty of fats, even when they’re sedentary.

Don’t worry about ending up with glutes and quads like those of track sprinters. Bike riding will give you a beautifully toned derriere. Unless you’re planning to invest most of your time on squat racks!

Wrap Up

The advantages of bike riding are almost endless. If you’re weighing it against any other aerobic activity, cycling is doubtlessly the way to go! 

However, it’s necessary to have the right cycling gear, and fortunately, at Thrill Appeal, you can find a wide collection of gear.

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