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Here’s Why The Lab Automation Market Is Growing

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Research and pathology laboratories have undergone significant evolution in the last two decades. There is an increasing demand for technically advanced automated devices and laboratory platforms in the labs. The need for improving diagnostics, drug discovery, and research is fueling several developments, one of which is lab automation.

With lab automation, lab scientists and professionals are able to achieve next-gen speed, consistency, and precision in research and report generation. Lab automation advancements result in standardization of processes that help in reducing the number of errors. The increasing evaluation of real-time results with the help of automated techniques and the growing cases of diagnosis have resulted in a significant demand for advanced software and cutting-edge automated systems.

Transforming Life Science R&D with Novel Automation Offerings

Modern laboratories are creating the demand for effective software solutions on the back of lab automation requirements. Life science research and development has evolved substantially with time, creating major demand for improved equipment and solutions that help achieve precision and accuracy in R&D activities. Lab automation solutions help in meeting the high-throughput requirements of researchers. Life science researchers rely on solutions such as liquid handling products, robotics, workflow software, automated incubators, and others to increase lab efficiency and gain reliable results.

In line with such requirements from the life science application, there are notable innovations introduced to the market. The latest release of Green Button Go software platform developed by Biosera, Inc., the developer of lab automation solutions and software, is slated to be introduced in the 2019 Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening Conference. This ground-breaking software platform integrates life science equipment, creating a unified lab ecosystem, which automates the discovery and testing workflow. While the conventional laboratories expected lab technicians to oversee workflows over every minute for ensuring smooth functionality, the use of Green Button Go helps coordinate the work, allowing remote overseeing of workflow productivity.

Minimizing Manual Operations with Next-gen Innovations

Lab automation allows seamless automated operations in laboratories that allow researchers to invest time in more complex and significant tasks, owing to which there is an increasing demand for integrated software solutions that reduce the manual operations in laboratories. Next-gen innovations on lab automation redefine the way laboratory operations are being performed.

Roche Diagnostics, a manufacturer of equipment for medical and research diagnostics applications, introduced its new cobas pro integrated solutions that improve lab automation procedures. This new solution meets the automation needs and simplification of processes and the in diagnostics labs.

Another provider of the technologies for molecular diagnostics, Qiagen N.V. is also set to develop a range of next-generation PCR (polymerase chain reaction) system that offers an automated workflow, greater flexibility in throughput, faster time-to-results, and other capabilities that are presently available in PCR platforms.

Lab Automation Market: Future Prospects

Lab automation market is expected to reflect a high growth owing to the demand for highly integrated systems that ease the laboratory operations. Future Market Insights, in its detailed market evaluation report, uncovers the key areas of development and the estimated potential staged by the lab automation market.

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