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Here’s Your Definitive Guide To Choosing A Mattress

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  Are you in the market for a new mattress but unsure where to start in your search? Are you unsure as to whether you even need a new mattress? You’re in the right place! Here we’ll explain when you need to replace a mattress, how to choose the right mattress for you, plus highlight some of the leading mattress brands that are taking the market by storm.

Age of Mattress

Age is an important factor to consider if you are thinking of replacing your mattress. The Better Sleep Council recommends replacing your mattress every 7-10 years, depending on comfort and support. However, in actual fact the life of a mattress can vary quite dramatically depending on a number of factors, from the care its given, to how you sleep on it, to how often you rotate it. In some cases therefore, quality mattresses can last well over 10 years. You will usually get some telltale signs that it’s time to replace your mattress, such as waking up in pain or feeling any sort of discomfort, or more visible signs from the mattress itself like groans and creaks and wear and tear.

Types of mattress

Okay, so you’ve worked out your mattress needs replacing. The next step is to start your research. There are a huge number of different mattresses available on the market, and a lot of it comes down to preferred sleeping position and preferences. However, with so much choice it can be difficult to know what’s best for you or where to start looking. That’s why we have broken down the list of the most common types of mattress and what they mean to help make your selection easier.

Memory Foam

As the name suggests, a memory foam mattress is made from memory foam. This foam is famously known for pressure relief, body contouring, and great support. Historically this type of mattress has had a reputation for holding onto heat, so they weren’t recommended for people prone to night sweats. But the newer mattresses have properties of superior cooling to keep your temperature cool and keep you comfortable. Memory foam mattresses are best for sleepers who want a great hug, contour, support, pressure relief, and body shaping. One of the newest memory foam numbers on the market is the Nectar Mattress, which has some seriously impressive reviews. When it comes to memory foam, there are a number of the spectrum of foams classified as memory foam:


This type is made of latex foam. This type of foam offers undeniable comfort as well as superior cooling properties. Also, it is famous for bounce, great responsiveness, and cooling. People who would like a soft, springy mattress that is responsive and keeps them cool should choose latex.


This type is very popular and commonly used. In this type of mattress, there are layers of spring coils. These layers give the sleeper support and comfort. With technological advancements, the number of coils has changed. More spring coils mean more comfort and support.


We have discussed a number of types that are available on the market. Pillow-top is the category that contains, layers of soft and stuffed material. These layers work to provide more comfort and cushion for the sleeper. This type is best for people who want a soft and comfortable cushion. Moreover, if you are a fan of cloud-like feeling then this type is definitely for you.


Hybrid is a mattress made of two or more type of foams. The manufacturer uses the combination of memory, latex, coils or other materials to make a perfect hybrid mattress. Hybrid mattresses are a great way to benefit from the pressure relieving qualities memory foam offers, while enjoying the classic feel of an innerspring mattress.

Some Tips for Maximizing Mattress Life

You have chosen a mattress to make your sleep more comfortable. Now, it is up to you to maximize its life. The rules for caring for a mattress can be different depending on the type of mattress, but here are some general tips:

Rotate It

Most manufacturers recommend flipping a mattress to help it wear evenly, but with newer mattresses on the market you may find they just have one right side up. Still, to help it wear evenly, avoid any bumps and lumps by rotating it after two weeks.

Spread the Love

Well, every person has some favorite spot on the bed, couch, and table. You should also be having a favorite side of the bed. Maybe you are sitting on a side or getting a dress or to wear your shoes. If you use to sit on the same spot, then your mattress will lose its structure.

Do not Jump

Jumping on the mattress is fun stuff. But it can be dangerous for you and the mattress. You should jump elsewhere as it can damage the fibers and coils of the mattress.

Keep the Sheet

An extra layer on the mattress in the form of a sheet can protect it from stains and dirt. It is better to use a waterproof and washable sheet over the mattress. Moreover, some mattresses come with extra padding for protection against allergens and bedbugs.

Keep It Dry

It is important to keep your mattress dry and clean. You can use the vacuum to remove the dirt. Moisture is not good for the mattress as it creates a breeding ground for mold, so if you mistakenly spill water on it then make sure to completely dry it before going to sleep.


Follow these steps and you’ll find the perfect mattress for your health, sleep, and wellbeing. Happy shopping!

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