High Doses Vitamin D May Prevent Fractures

September 14, 2012

Daily high dose vitamin D supplementation is effective in preventing fractures in the elderly according to researchers at Tufts University.
They studied data from 11 randomized trials — comprising more than 31,000 older adults — investigating vitamin D supplementation and fractures. 
“Taking between 800 IUs and 2,000 IUs of vitamin D per day significantly reduced the risk of most fractures, including hip, wrist and forearm in both men and women age 65 and older,” Tufts University researcher Bess Dawson-Hughes, M.D. 
“Importantly, we saw there was no benefit to taking vitamin D supplements in doses below 800 IUs per day for fracture prevention.”

Existing Institute of Medicine guidelines recommend that adults between 51 and 70 take 600 vitamin D IUs per day, and that adults over 70 take 800 IUs per day. This study suggests needing more. Check with your physician.