How Often Should You Cycle to Stay Fit

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Many of those who want to get rid of several kilos, perceive cycling as an excellent solution for weight loss. Indeed, a bike is a good option if you want to get in shape. To lose weight normally, you need to know how much to exercise and how often to do it. Regardless of whether you use a mini exercise bike or a super comfortable folding tricycle, the duration is always essential to the effectiveness of your workouts.

It’s Time to Exercise

Generally speaking, it takes about 40 minutes to exercise: this training allows you to drain glycogen stores and start processing adipose tissues. Thanks to this, you can burn calories in a targeted way and turn on the metabolic process for the non-training period. If you take 9-12 mph, you can lose up to:

  • 150 calories per 20 minutes;
  • 300 calories per 40 minutes;
  • 450 calories per hour.

According to jonsguide.org, calorie burnings vary depending on the body shape: during the first six months of training, your body will spend more calories, since the load will be specific. Further, after the physical condition improves, it will spend energy more carefully and rationally. That is why it will be more difficult for you to achieve the desired level of calories’ burning, but metabolism as a whole will be better. The number of calories burned is greatly influenced by speed. As a rule, the higher the speed, the more calories are burned, but this is not always fat. Therefore, speed is not the highest priority in this case.

Take Your Time

To answer the question of how much time you have to train, you first need to decide on the selected distance, which largely depends on the goal of your training. The factors like load and speed must be considered. Of course, there is a difference between 6 miles per day at a medium pace and 6 miles per day at maximum load and at maximum speed. There is a big difference, isn’t it? While practicing on an exercise bike, we advise you to choose a distance that will be comfortable throughout the session to maintain a heart rate within 120-130 beats. This value is suitable for people aged 30-40 years, for the older generation and older people it is necessary to reduce 5-7 beats for every decade, and for a younger age to work in a slightly more intense pulse. If you want to keep fit and lose weight, consider the distance of about 12 miles per day. We should focus more on the content of the training than on the distance. Since many body functions change precisely depending on the duration and not on the distance, so training that lasts 5 minutes a day will not bring any result.

The Main Principles

The recovery period is essential in training. In order to adhere to regular training, make a schedule for at least a week. Choose the days when you can definitely do it, and describe the workout for each day. At the beginning of a new week, set up a new training regime depending on your goals and progress. When losing weight and getting fit, the situation is similar. You first train and activate metabolism (in particular, the processes of splitting fat), after which you relax, but adipose tissues continue to be used. Therefore, regular exercises are required for weight loss that puts the body in a high-tone mode. When it comes to weight loss, one of the most significant factors is eating time. If you work out after a meal, then most of the time, calories that were recently obtained with food will be processed. Are you looking for the best options to lose weight or simply want to keep fit? Cycling is a good option for this. Follow the recommendations above and enjoy your body shape all year round.

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