How Online Marketing Impacts These 5 Different Industries Of Health

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Marketing has changed immensely with the reliance on internet searches to find businesses and products. Digital marketing can completely change the trajectory of a business but certain niches are extremely competitive with large budget required to battle competitors in keyword search engine rankings. Industries involved in health like that of the fitness industry or home healthcare can yield huge profits if done successfully. This makes health related businesses some of the most competitive in terms of digital marketing. Companies of all sizes want to expand their companies reach to their local and national communities. Online marketing impacts the following industries in different ways that will be explained below.

Online Health Services

Online health services have really erupted over the last few years in a variety of niches. Online checkups are becoming more prevalent and so are online personal trainers that never meet in person with patients or fitness clients. The need for digital marketing comes in part from some consumers being hesitant about not meeting a doctor face to face. The other aspect that makes digital marketing so imperative is that of not being limited to a local market like traditional health services are. A top ranking online doctor could have patients around the world especially if they speak a language like that of Spanish or Mandarin in addition to English. The health service is no longer just competing with those in the local area so stepping up digital healthcare marketing can help increase business.

Vitamin And Supplement Companies

Ranking for the best creatine or keto protein powder in the top page of results can be great for selling supplements in an ecommerce setting. Price obviously will impact this as well if a vendor is selling products of multiple supplement companies. A marketing team trying to get their product features in the best supplement lists which are prevalent is more than important. A trusted health or supplement website listing a product can be enough to gain the trust of a consumer doing research on a supplement created by a particular company. Both Amazon product marketing as well as traditional digital marketing need to be used in this niche as companies have huge budgets. The margins on supplements are extremely high so there is plenty of cash flow to put into marketing as billions of dollars are spent in the supplement industry annually.


Unlike doctors dentists cannot do their job online as cleanings and fillings need to be done physically. Local SEO is going to be important here as well as online referral marketing. Monitoring patient reviews also should be done as it shows care for patients when a practice responds to a less than positive review. This can even salvage a patient who otherwise would have found another dentist due to their poor experience. People are scared of the dentist so educating and easing these fears are important. Tips on how to get yourself or child over fear of the dentist is a perfect example of content that would be useful to patients and even convince new patients to come in.

Health App Companies

Health app companies can become extremely popular as everyone wants an app to remind them to be healthier. This is a way for people to hold themselves accountable or remind them about important things like taking medication or vitamins. Doing app store optimization can allow a company to get the exposure that they need. Influencer marketing can be a huge part of turning a health app into a success as some influencers in health and fitness have millions of followers on their social media accounts. Using tools to rank the top apps for certain keywords can give a health app company a much better idea of how they should start marketing moving forward.

Cannabis Related Health Businesses

Cannabis related health businesses

or ones specializing in CBD products can have a tough time marketing. Publishers might be hesitant to publish articles contributed from brands due to the murky legality of CBD and cannabis through the country. Local SEO is important as dispensaries can only operate in areas where marijuana has been legalized for either for medicinal or medical use. Educating consumers through content is imperative here as not everyone understands the benefits of medical cannabis due to the stigma that is present about the plant.


Above are ways that digital marketing impacts and how to market for these 5 types of health related businesses. Digital marketing is here to stay so make sure that you create your strategy ASAP as your competitors surely already have!

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