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10 Digital Health Services That Could Shape The Future Of Healthcare

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Undoubtedly, technology has changed the world in many ways and it has created wonderful resources and tools that have made our life faster, easier and better. And if there is a thing that has brought the great revolution in the world, then it is digital technology. In today’s world, each and everything has become digitized, such as digital money.

Now, healthcare industries are also going through revolutionary changes, and are seeking ways to offer the ultimate patient outcomes. The healthcare industries have adopted artificial intelligence in solving a wide range of patient problems. There is no doubt that technology has improved every aspect of human life. Then, why should the healthcare system be any different? So, here are the top ten niche digital healthcare services that developed healthcare apps with the aim of digital health.

1. Mind Inventory

Mind Inventory is expert in developing healthcare and fitness apps. They also develop management apps for health industries to enhance their overall work efficiency. The solutions that are provided by Mind Inventory can give many benefits to healthcare firms and also, fitness business to great extent. They are also experts in developing AR and VR applications for surgeons.

2. Scnsoft

Scnsoft is expertise in providing effective solutions for healthcare. They develop the apps for health industries with the motto of saving their time. Also, data protection is the crucial trait of healthcare mobile applications developed by them. They develop applications for Fitness app, e-Rx mobile applications, HIMS apps and many more.

3. Mobisoft InfoTech

Mobisoft InfoTech is expertise in health and fitness apps, medical sensor integration, and many more. The team of this company is making digital healthcare possible by using advanced technology. They also work with EHR systems such as Epic and Cerner.

4. Peerbits

Peerbits are also experts in remote healthcare, HIPAA compliant applications, wellness applications, nutrition applications, health and fitness apps and many more. The main purpose of Peerbits is providing the connection between healthcare providers and app users. They offer wonderful services and all their healthcare apps work great and outstanding.

5. Octal IT Solution

When it comes to digital health, Octal IT Solution stands out of the huge crowd. They develop many different types of healthcare apps, such as diet planner, EHR apps, ePrescription app, chronic disease mobile applications, patient communication applications and many more.

6. Circulation

Circulation is a digital healthcare platform that offers one of the most effective healthcare solutions. The team at Circulation is very dedicated about enhancing health outcomes. This company comes under the top 100 digital healthcare companies.

7. Headspace

If you are looking for the digital tool to aid you in practicing mediation, then Headspace is an ideal one for you. It is a noteworthy company in the digital health area. With it, you can learn how to practice meditation and how you can overcome the stress. Companies like headspace show that digital is the future of healthcare for sure

8. Mobibiz

Mobibiz is another app development company that is specializing in developing health and fitness related apps. The team at Mobibiz develops the apps to improve patient care level irrespective of time and place. The experienced and expert team provides mobile solutions to healthcare and also focuses on health industry factors such as virtual consultations, appointments, and many more.

9. Corti

Corti main aim is saving the lives of people with artificial intelligence. They provide faster and reliable diagnoses when it is most crucial. The company used the cutting-edge technology that is machine learning for improving patients’ health in the best possible way.

10. Mobiwebtech

The last, but not the least company that is in digital healthcare is Mobiwebtech. They provide mHealth solutions and develop heart rate monitoring apps, health and fitness apps.

Hence, these are some of the companies that provide digital healthcare solutions in the world. These all above companies use modern technology such as machine learning, blockChain technology, and data science. All these technologies will transform the healthcare future. The digital health will aid in disease prediction fast and it also plays a crucial in:

  •  Minimizing healthcare costs
  •  Better and fast healthcare outcomes
  •  Seamless communication between the healthcare provider and patient with offering real-time data.

If someone sees deeply about digital health concept, then there are many wonderful benefits of adopting digital health. We all know that digital technology is one of the best things of the 20th century. There is no field where technology is not present. From business to school to health, technology plays a significant role.

Especially, when it comes to the healthcare industry, you will see the immense effect that the digital revolution has given. There are plenty of benefits provided by digital revolt to the healthcare industry. Let’s explore its benefits:

  • Fast Communication between Patient and Doctor

We all know that communication plays a vital role in the patient-doctor relationship. And there are many things that affect communication, such as waiting hours, language or expression problem and many more. Now, many digital healthcare platforms are invented that has made easy and fast communication. And patients don’t have to wait for so long to ask something from the doctor.

  • Online Appointments

The major benefit of web and app development in the healthcare industry is an online appointment. Most of the times, patients are not able to fix the appointment because of a hectic and busy schedule. It then makes the disease more severe and problematic. However, with digital health, it has now easy to fix an appointment with a doctor using mobile and it just takes a few minutes.

  • Data Security

There is always a higher possibility of losing the physical records and this never happens with digital records. You can save your health record online and can access record anywhere and anytime.

Final Thoughts

Thus, these are the main benefits of the digital revolution in the healthcare industry. One can’t deny that it has created a huge impact on medicine and the industry stands to continue to grow.

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