How Startups Are Bringing Healthcare To Rural Areas

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Startups have revolutionized the way the world of healthcare functions. Now, there are so many startups in the healthcare industry, and the motive of each and every new venture is to bring newness to the world of healthcare. Startups have made it possible to book doctor appointments just by clicking on the phone.  With just a couple of taps on the screen, you can easily track your heart rate, sugar levels etc. In fact, now, you can even do a generic diagnosis of the pain through the smartphone. Therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that the new age startups and the smart technology has completely transformed the healthcare industry. But, have the startups also impacted the rural areas of the world?

Yes. Many healthcare startups are aimed to transform rural healthcare services.

Startups organizing healthcare camps in the rural areas

Many startups are being invented just to improve the healthcare services offered in the rural parts of the world. For example, there is a new startup in India which organizes health camps in the rural areas. So, basically, they have set up their own clinics as well and at the same time, they even conduct camps in the rural areas. There are some startups which are aggregating hospitals as well as the care providers too. And, they are aggregated to offer services at a low cost in the rural areas.

Startups that make devices for prevention or diagnosis in the rural areas

In India, a device for retinal imaging is installed in some of the rural areas of the country. The main objective of using this device is to get hold of the early symptoms or causes that can lead to blindness. The product is not at all expensive, and it is also portable. Therefore, they are located in the remote areas of the country. The images which are captured by this device are then sent to the cities, and from there, the ophthalmologists suggest the next steps. Basically, it is developed to help the people in the rural areas to get help from the doctors in cities without visiting them.

Big Data, Machine Leaning and Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare industry

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are a part of the healthcare industry now. But, there aren’t many startups that have yet developed products or applications which are powered by AI and are meant for the rural areas. AI has the potential to do a lot in the rural areas in order to improve the healthcare services. For example, a lot of data can be created in the rural space, which can be further used to enhance the quality of services that the people are getting there. Also, a lot of information can be generated based on the health records of the patients, and as per the insights, the health professionals can take better decisions.


There are some startups that are trying to make more doctors available and accessible to the people staying in the rural areas. And, there is no doubt about the fact that more and more healthcare startups will be created to improve healthcare services offered in the rural areas. Health for all is way beyond than just being a statement. And, both the government and the public are taking steps to improve the state of health in the rural areas. And, the best way to do so is by introducing new technology and the newer ways of operations in the rural areas. New technology has the potential to transform the ay the healthcare industry works.

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