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How to Take Great Smartphone Photos for Social Media

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The most effective social media content is real-time content (or very close to real time). We don’t always have a digital camera on us to capture great photos or videos, though. Most of us, however, do have smartphones.

Today, all smartphones make it very simple to take photos or video and easily post to your social media channels.  There are some tricks to make those photos and videos look great for a professional audience. Here are a few:

  • Use Natural Light – Although most everyday businesses don’t have professional lighting equipment ready at a moment’s notice, a photo or video that uses natural light will come out much better then one that doesn’t. If your photos or video can’t be taken outside, shoot near a window. Just don’t shoot directly into the window, as it will make your photo or video come out way too bright.
  • Disable the Flash and Zoom – No matter which smartphone you have, the flash option on a smartphone will likely cast a yellow light or shadow over your photo or video. The zooming option on most smartphones causes the image or video to lose picture quality. If you need to get more detail in the shot, physically move closer so it won’t look distorted or blurry.
  • Try Different Camera Apps ­– While the general photo and video apps on Apple and Android devices have gotten better, there are a variety of inexpensive apps that can give you more control over your photos and video. Check the respective app stores and then read the reviews to find the best ones.

Not every photo you take will look great; keep in mind that professional photos in the world of social media aren’t expected. Just keep practicing. Before you know it, you will be creating great, sharable content right from your smartphone.

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