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How to Make Your Healthcare Email Correspondence Genuine

waxcom - Nov 24, 2015

In the world of healthcare marketing, sincerity and trust are essential. Sadly, when it comes to digital and social media, sometimes we respond so quickly that we…

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How Data Can Help You Get New Patients

waxcom - Nov 11, 2015

When looking for new patients, healthcare facilities are using a variety of marketing tactics such as an optimized website, blog, direct mail and social media.While all of…

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How to Handle Social Media Criticism

waxcom - Oct 16, 2015

In today’s digital world, everyone has a voice and everyone has an opinion.While some of your social media followers may praise or thank you for the services…

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Why Your Marketing Strategy Should Include Direct Mail

waxcom - Oct 14, 2015

As healthcare marketers, we’re often faced with the dilemma of deciding which medium to use for our efforts.A lot of companies opt for digital communications – pay…

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Social Media Strategy: A Must in Healthcare Marketing

waxcom - Oct 07, 2015

Social media is no longer a choice in healthcare marketing. Whether you’re marketing a hospital, health system, physician practice or health plan, consumer engagement is key to…

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Create Compelling Call-to-Actions for More Clicks

waxcom - Sep 04, 2015

One website element that’s often overlooked is the call-to-action button. If you really want to encourage your prospects to convert, these buttons need to be optimized.Making sure…

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Get the Most Out of Your Facility’s Services Page

waxcom - Aug 27, 2015

For a hospital or healthcare facility, the Services page is one of the most critical elements of a website. It’s here that you can paint a picture…

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Why Hospitals Need Social Remarketing

waxcom - Aug 21, 2015

Face it: People are going to do their research when seeking a hospital or healthcare facility. It’s not a quick decision for these individuals; they’re going to…

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Humor: An Underused Tool in Healthcare Marketing

waxcom - Aug 14, 2015

The world of healthcare can be a very serious and delicate topic for discussion.Sharing positive messages with your audiences is fine and dandy, but your competition is…

Hospital Administration
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Using Social Media to Promote Your Healthcare Events

waxcom - Jul 09, 2015

Every medical facility has events. Whether it’s a maternity preparation class, a wellness fair or a blood drive, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are always looking for…