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How to Succeed in Social Media Marketing in Healthcare

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Social media use has become commonplace these days. Not only are people using platforms like Facebook and Instagram to keep up with friends and family, they’re turning to these sites for information on businesses and service providers. That’s why anyone who is trying to reach their client base has flocked to these sites. Organizations of all types depend on social media marketing to relay their message.

This includes healthcare providers. There are a variety of ways medical professionals can appeal to their client base on social media, and it’s important to utilize best practices when creating your online content. Take a look at these tips for how to succeed in social media marketing in healthcare, and you’ll be well on your way to reaching your online marketing goals. You’ll also be connecting with your patients in more personal and meaningful ways, which they’ll appreciate.

1. Provide Education.

Healthcare is a realm that can seem scary to consumers. People worry about finding the best care and want concrete answers to their questions. They look to sources they can trust. By presenting yourself as a knowledgeable and professional expert in your field, you’ll be working toward gaining that trust by presenting your online followers with valuable information that eases their fears and makes them more informed consumers.

First, you’ll need to make sure you have a decent sized following to hear your message. You can do this in a number of ways. It will take considerable time and dedication to create the kinds of online relationships required for successful social media marketing, but you can get a jumpstart by taking advantage of services that provide assistance if you want to buy genuine Instagram likes and automate your following.

You can also research healthcare providers who are doing social media right in order to generate some ideas.

2. Make Wellness Fun.

As we’ve already mentioned, healthcare can be serious, and sometimes scary, business. However, everyone appreciates a bit of levity now and then. Your followers will respond well to content that injects some fun and laughter into their day. There are so many ways to go about this, and they offer a variety of benefits.

Video has become popular on Instagram. You could create a humorous video to raise awareness of a particular issue. These types of content tend to receive lots of shares and could gain your organization a significant number of new followers.

Hashtags are big on Instagram. Creating a custom tag that allows users to find and follow your campaign more easily is also a way to encourage engagement and involvement. Keep the spirit light and you can expect involvement to be high.

Contests are also a way to generate excitement around your brand. Despite providing valuable, lifesaving services, it’s important to remember that healthcare organizations need to establish a brand identity. Showing your human side with tasteful humor is smart branding.

3. Get Your Staff Involved.

Nothing shows an organization’s humanity better than a glimpse into the people who make it run. Establishing relationships is crucial in both healthcare and social media. Introducing your practitioners is a great way to demonstrate your human side and to give your patients and prospective patients an inside look into the people who are there to take care of them.

It’s your doctors, nurses, aides and administrative staff that know your organization inside and out. They meet your patients face-to-face each day. Involve these folks in your social media strategy and give a face to your organization. Show photos of your people at work.

Share quotes from medical professionals that are relevant to the issues that most interest your patients. Videos featuring different staff members each week are often well-received by followers. Let your professionals share their expertise in ways that speak directly to their constituents. It will pay off in increased trust and better relationships.

4. Bring Patients On Board.

Your current, long-time patients can be one of your most valuable assets when it comes to social media marketing in healthcare. Share patient reviews, with permission, regularly throughout your postings. Give a shoutout by tagging them when possible. People look to social media sites nearly as often as they do search engines to find practitioners and providers of every type. Take advantage of this by including a good word now and again from your already loyal patients.

An even more effective way to share testimonials can be through videos that feature patient stories in their own words. These can be a way to appeal to the emotions of your followers while showing direct ways your organization is making an impact on real people’s lives.

“In addition, posting polls or asking for user feedback can provide you with a wealth of information on everything from preferred healthcare practices to the types of future content they’d like to see,” says Henry Norris, chief strategist at ViralRace. “Keep building those relationships.”

5. Help People Feel More Comfortable.

As we’ve mentioned and you well know, patients can be fearful of going to the doctor. The unknown is scary, especially when your health is involved. You can help to ease those fears and make people feel more comfortable through your healthcare social media marketing. Take steps to show your organization’s empathy in your posts.

Use encouraging and sympathetic language. Find ways to lessen the trepidation your patients may be feeling about healthcare in general. Use social media to show them that taking care of their health doesn’t have to be scary.

These tips should help you get started on a successful path to social media marketing in healthcare. Be sure to check your analytics and monitor your campaigns. Make adjustments as needed to obtain the best results. The online space truly is one of your most valuable marketing venues.

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