Weekly Dose of Top 5 Healthcare Stories You Might’ve Missed

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From our partner site, Healthcare Dive, we wanted to share the top 5 stories that readers were talking about and sharing last week. Leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday, healthcare execs couldn’t get enough news about the hisotric Pfizer, Allergan merger. Other topics that held readers’ interests include the soaring coast of obesity in the U.S., need-to-know health apps, and physician retention.

Read all about it:

1. Pfizer, Allergan agree to historic $160 billion inversion merger

Should the deal go through, the merger will displace Johnson & Johnson as the largest drugmaker in the world.

2. Tipping the Scales: U.S. obesity costs soaring

The price tag of obesity is neating $305.1 billion a year in healthcare costs, and there’s no sign that obesity numbers will drop anytime soon.

3. Survey: Healthcare costs holding steady thanks to ‘Cadillac tax’ strategies

Find out how employers are preparing themselves for the upcoming implementation of the ‘Cadillac tax.’

4. Health apps you need to know

These apps were designed especially with healthcare prodivers in mind to improve communication within the office and with patients.

5. 4 steps to keeping physicians in a time of shortage

A physician shortage is expected to hit the medical field by 2025 – here’s what organizations can do to soften the blow.

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