Great Health IT Conference Coming Up!

August 24, 2017

There are lots of conferences that take place in the USA and around the world on healthcare IT and medical device ecosystems — terrific gatherings like HIMSS and various other venues that cater to more about “what” you should be doing and not “how” to do the best implementations. If you’re a practitioner, engineer, project leader, or someone who’s responsible for actually creating software or hardware in the medical domain you’ll want to consider attending the IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems in Bristol England June 27 through 30. A sister conference, HealthGrid, is taking place at the same time (what would now be more aptly named “Health Cloud”). A call for papers is open until April 20. It’s a pretty technical conference that covers some wide areas of interest; take a look at the topics that are likely to be covered:

  • Software Systems in Medicine
  • Computer-Aided Diagnosis
  • Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining
  • Knowledge-Based Systems and Techniques
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Medical Devices with Embedded Computers
  • Signal and Image Processing in Medicine
  • Medical Image Segmentation & Compression
  • Machine Vision in Medicine
  • Medical Robotics
  • Network and Telemedicine Systems
  • Medical Databases & Information Systems
  • Web-Based Delivery of Medical Information
  • Multimedia Biomedical Databases
  • Content Analysis of Biomedical Image Data
  • Handheld Computing Applications in Medicine
  • Bioinformatics in Medicine
  • Pervasive Health Systems and Services
  • e-Health