Infographic:Healthcare’s Data Conundrum

February 21, 2012

With the electronic health record adoption rates rising and the push for a personalized and interactive approach to medicine becomes more prevalent, there is an opportunity for our healthcare system to transform from an inefficient machine into a well-oiled producer of actionable, meaningful information.  And this opportunity begins at the point of patient data capture.  Currently, it’s estimated that if “healthcare big data” is leveraged effectively, it could create $300 billion in value every year.

The question is – how do we turn disparate data into meaningful information? 

The following infographic from Nuance Healthcare explores how technology can be used to make the capture, understanding and utilization of data possible – to improve patient care and create a more efficient healthcare system.

Nuance Infographic

Source:Nuance Healthcare


While some see big data in healthcare as a “Mt. Everest” of sorts, Nuance views it as geode full of potential if cracked open with the right tools.  Over the coming days, be sure to keep an eye for the big data news and twitter chatter coming out of #HIMSS12