MakoPlasty Robotic Surgical Procedure for Knee Replacements

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I first wrote about the MakoPlasty FDA approved robot back in 2008 you can use imagethe link below to find

I first wrote about the MakoPlasty FDA approved robot back in 2008 you can use imagethe link below to find out more. Patients are regaining quality of life without the pain with the procedure. An implant replaces lost cartilage and stops the bone on bone grinding that causes pain. The accuracy versus free hand surgery seems to be the real advantage here, again with a focus on higher success rates with precision targeting. The video below is a patient talking about his procedure with the Makoplasty robot and how quick he was up and around. You can find additional videos at the Stone Clinic website here.

Knee Surgery Done with a Robot – MAKOPlasty Tactile Guidance System™

In addition at the Stone Clinic they have some regenerative medicine going on with using stem cells to where knee tissue is grown back. This does not replace an entire knee but rather the cartilage area of the knee. In addition stem cells are used for Meniscus transplantation procedures for arthritis.

Future of Joint Replacements – Regenerative Medicine – Dr. Kevin Stone Regrows the Knee Instead of an Artificial Replacement (Video)

Articular Cartilage Stem Cell Repair

Pig tissue is being used in other areas as well and last year I had an opportunity to talk with Cook Medical and how they are using pig tissue and building scaffolds for hernia repair and other reconstructive areas with their Biodesign products. Dr. Stone talks about what he is exploring and uses the example of what he did for his wife with a “human” meniscus transplant. Arthritis is becoming a huge area where many of us are suffering, as we are living longer and the knees need to go the extra miles.


Regenerative Medicine and How it Works – Interview with Cook Biotech (Medical)

Here’s the link to the Stone Clinic and you can read more about their orthopedic procedures to include both Makoplasty and stem cell use. They also have some other interesting solutions for rotator cuffs and more. In 2009 there were more than 20 hospitals and out patient facilities using the Makoplasty robot and there maybe be more by now. BD

John is a 64-year-old ski instructor, outdoor educator, and writer living in imageAlaska. In July 2008, he underwent a right total knee replacement and was hitting the slopes by December that same year. Most recently, in April 2010 he was having trouble going up stairs and visited The Stone Clinic for a robot-assisted partial knee replacement for his left knee.

He was able to walk out of the surgery center the day of his procedure and just two weeks later is back doing what he loves fishing and studying invertebrates in the river near his home.



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