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Robotic Technologies Can Improve Hospital Working Conditions

Robots offer a lot of benefits for many workplaces, including hospitals.

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Robots Are Being Programmed To Perform Spine Surgeries

  Surprisingly, robotics has been stepping into the world of healthcare too.…

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Important Things To Know About Advances In Healthcare Robotics

  Health care providers have become increasingly dependent on technology over the…

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Surgeons and truck drivers may soon have something in common

Climbing into the future Climbing into the futureMany Americans feel economically insecure.…

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Five of the Coolest “Bots” in Medicine [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Robots are Here! Actually, robots have been around for a while…

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Mobile Health Around the Globe: Robots Care for the Elderly in Japan

(photo: Tokyo Times) (photo: Tokyo Times)In Japan, a rapid increase in the…

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Robots Caring for the Elderly?

The New York Times Bits blog has one of the better articles…

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Rehab: A Great Role for Robots

From FierceHealth IT (Stroke patient makes gains in speech, physical therapy with…

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Robotic Surgery: Hospitals Absorb Costs to Gain Market Share

Robotic Heart Surgery Billboard (Photo credit: Marshall Astor – Food Fetishist) Robotic…

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Automated Care: Thermostat of Health or Ponzi Scheme?

The last post on the cHeath Blog was mid July.  I think…

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